Who Can You Lead

For all of you who have some knowledge of the bible. Think with me for a moment about the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Scribes. They were the religious groups who were the spiritual leaders of the Jewish people. Can you imagine how many were changed that day at Pentecost?  Even Nicodemus, who came to Jesus at night, was curious who Jesus was, but still didn’t want to be caught meeting with Him during the daytime.  We know that a man named Simeon and a widow lady by the name of Anna were righteous, and identified the Lord when they saw Him as a child. But all the people around the area where Jesus grew up, did not know they had the Messiah in their midst.  That’s the way it was supposed to be of course, but how did those who believe, come to believe?   I was reading this passage this morning and realized the effect Jesus had on some of the people: “In that same hour He rejoiced in the Holy Spirit and said, ‘I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because You have hidden these things from the wise and the learned and have revealed them to infants. Yes, Father, because this was Your good pleasure.  All things have been entrusted to Me by My Father. No one knows who the Son is except the Father, and who the Father is except the Son, and anyone to whom the Son desires to reveal Him. Then turning to His disciples He said privately. ‘The eyes that see the things you see are blessed! For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see the things you see yet didn’t see them; to hear the things you hear yet didn’t hear them.”  Luke 10:21-24From the time of His birth, He was revealed to some but not to everyone. Shepherds first got to see the Messiah, the Son of God.  Three wise men got to see, and the two I listed above, but not many others. When Jesus was twelve and was left in Jerusalem, and when His parents went back looking for Him, they found Him in the temple, talking to the “religious” men and they didn’t recognize Him. You can tell people about Jesus all day long, but do others see Jesus in you? Does the Holy Spirit reign within you to reveal the Father still to others. When He says no one knows the Father except the Son, and anyone whom the Son desires to reveal Him to, we know that it is the work of the Holy Spirit still present in the world today, still revealing the Father to some, and not to others. But we have been given the charge and the wonderful opportunity to be a glimpse of Jesus to those who are lost, and it doesn’t matter if they are kings or paupers. It doesn’t matter if they are pastors or janitors.  But the question will always remain, do we reveal Jesus at all?  Is our behavior better than that of the Pharisees?  Is our humility genuine? Is our love for others real?  It’s only real if we live not by the flesh, but by the Spirit. For it is the Spirit who calls out from the believer, to those seeking truth. There are some to whom the Spirit will reveal even when we are not there, such as the one who reaches out from the depths of despair to humbly come before the Lord, unassisted, yet broken and desiring to know the truth. But God does want us to be the representation of Christ here on earth. I wonder if I am doing a job worthy of the call given me? I wonder if you are doing the job worthy of the call given you? Today I am going to open myself up a little more to hopefully reveal the reason for the hope that exists in me. I hope you will too. May there be someone today that God has been waiting for you to reveal Him to, so that they too will come to understand who the Father is, and who the Son is. Pastor Andy

Born Again Again

One of the most beautiful books of the bible to read is the gospel of John, and one of the most enduring passages that I can read is the 3rd chapter of John. In it, I can place myself with the meeting of Jesus and Nicodemus. I sit and listen, and not just read for it seems like the meeting has taken place for me. Today, in my quiet time, I read it again, and am at once transferred to the seat of this meeting, listening and learning, and I believe that Jesus is touching Nicodemus’ heart, while the Pharisee listens. Enjoy the conversation with me once more: “There was a man from the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. This man came to Him at night and said, ‘Rabbi, we know that You have come from God as a teacher, for no one could perform these signs You do unless God were with him.’ Jesus replied, ‘I assure you: Unless someone is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.’ ‘But how can anyone be born when he is old?’ Nicodemus asked Him. ‘Can he enter his mother’s womb a second time and be born?’ Jesus answered. ‘I assure you: Unless someone is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. Whatever is born of the flesh is flesh, and whatever is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not be amazed that I told you that you must be born again. The wind blows where it pleases, and you hear its sound, but you don’t know where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit. ‘How can these things be?’ asked Nicodemus. ‘Are you a teacher of Israel and don’t know these things?’ Jesus replied. ‘I assure you: We speak what We know and We testify to what We have seen, but you do not accept Our testimony. If I have told you about things that happen on earth and you don’t believe, how will you believe if I tell you about things of heaven?” John 3: 1-12 In the seventies, there was a use of the term “born again.” For some reason people used it for everything, but what it is intended for. This is the truth given to you and me. The need to have another birth, a birth from the Spirit of God. I can understand the physical birth, and now I can understand the Spiritual birth. Paul would write to the Roman church: “For those who live according to the flesh think about the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, about the things of the Spirit. For the mind-set of the flesh is death, but the mind-set of the Spirit is life and peace.” Romans 8: 5-6 Can’t you see the battle that rages within you? The flesh wants one thing, the Spirit another. We have to choose which one we will follow. Before we were born again, we only followed the flesh, for we did not have the Spirit. But now we live according to the Spirit. Yes, we often are pulled in the direction of the flesh, but the Spirit knows our weakness, and will be there if we only believe. I am dealing right now with this one person who “claimed” to be a believer through all of life, yet does not know how to live according to the Spirit. You see, the flesh has been the guiding force through life, even when the Spirit battles with the flesh. Is it because this person is not born again, or is it because this person chooses to let the flesh reign? I don’t know. But this I do know. Jesus came to give us life, and I can’t help but feel that on that night He gave Nicodemus life. For in the 19th Chapter we see this Nicodemus helping to prepare the body of Jesus when He was crucified. Have you truly been changed when you believed, or do you believe in the idea of Christ on the earth. He came, He lived, He died, and He resurrected to life and returned to Heaven where He sits at the right hand of the Father. This Jesus, I now know lives, and He has not left us for one minute, for He has given us the Holy Spirit to continue where He left off. Now that you have sat with me during this meeting, don’t you feel the presence of the Spirit confirming this truth, this life in you? Thank You Jesus, for teaching us one more time about what true life is all about. Pastor Andy of

New Year … New Heart

What do you place value in? We all strive to live comfortably, and to have some nice things, but what does the bible say about our “things”?  When reading this morning, this sentence stopped me: “For what is highly admired by people is revolting in God’s sight.” I had to park on that sentence for a while and think about what it is that I highly admire.  Here is the context in which it was given: “The Pharisees, who were lovers of money, were listening to all these things and scoffing at Him. And He told them: You are the ones who justify yourselves in the sight of others, but God knows your hearts. For what is highly admired by people is revolting in God’s sight. The Law and the Prophets were until John: since then, the good news of the kingdom of God has been proclaimed, and everyone is strongly urged to enter it. But it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for one stroke of a letter in the law to drop out.”  Luke 16: 14-17   We know that God provides finances for those who give generously and their gift is giving. But what makes them different from the Pharisees, who were lovers of money?  Is it possible to have much and still put Jesus first in your lives?   There are many who have become rich and who put Jesus first in their lives. They use riches as a way to minister to others. They don’t put their whole value of life in money or things. Those who live to make money and who love having money more than giving it away, or providing for others, put that which is revolting in God’s sight before their faith.  I know that I have been favored with much, and I also love to give. I also want that which I have, to be a blessing for the Lord, and I know in my heart that if all of it was gone tomorrow, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference, because it’s only stuff. But it’s at times a hard line to manage. For the benefit of having stuff makes one feel good, and it’s not the having things that makes a person unfaithful, but it’s the love of having things. Notice the first part of the verses above start with, “The Pharisees, who were lovers of money,” They didn’t want to hear Jesus tell them that, “Whoever is faithful in very little, is also faithful in much, and whoever is unrighteous in very little is also unrighteous in much. ” Luke 16:10  The question begs to be answered: Are we faithful with whatever we have?  If it’s little, are we faithful with what God would have us do with the little we have. If it’s a lot, are we faithful with what God would have us do with a lot? Jesus was talking to the disciples and was telling them about collecting treasures on earth and would say to them: “No one can be a slave to two masters, since either he will hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot be slaves of God and of money.” Matthew 6:24   This is not about how much you have, for one who has little can still serve money more than God.  And one who has a lot can still serve God first. You see, it’s all about the heart. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” 6:21  This is the start of the New Year, but the message is old and true, and we need Jesus more than ever in our lives now. Why not take a moment to discern whether we have been sliding away from the faith that at one time made us so real, to the world that has us so confused. The good news is stil l the good news, and if we stop and think about it for a moment, we can get the true treasure back to where it belongs – in our hearts. Pastor Andy

Judas’ Kiss

Years ago, the singer/songwriter, Michael Card, wrote a song called, “Why”. The words are: “Why did it have to be a friend who chose to betray the Lord. Why did he use a kiss to show them, that’s not what a kiss is for. Only a friend can betray a friend; a stranger has nothing to gain; And only a friend comes close enough to ever cause so much pain. And why did there have to be a thorny crown pressed upon His head. It should have been the royal one made of jewels and gold instead. It had to be a crown of thorns, because in this life that we live. For all who would seek to love a thorn; is all the world has to give. And why did it have to be a heavy cross He was made to bare; And why did they nail His feet and hands, His love would have held Him there. It was a cross, for on a cross, a thief was supposed to pay. And Jesus had come into the world, to steal every heart away.” Every time I read about Judas’ kiss to identify the Lord, I think of this song, and all the “why’s” that come to my mind. In the Bible, we are led to the account in Luke of Jesus’ arrest: “While He was still speaking, suddenly a mob was there, and one of the Twelve named Judas was leading them. He came near Jesus to kiss Him, but Jesus said to him, ‘Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?’ When those around Him saw what was going to happen, they asked, ‘Lord, should we strike with the sword?’ Then one of them struck the high priest’s slave and cut off his right ear. But Jesus responded, ‘No more of this!’ And touching his ear, He healed him. Then Jesus said to the chief priests, temple police, and the elders who had come for Him, ‘Have you come out with swords and clubs as if I were a criminal? Every day while I was with you in the temple complex, you never laid a hand on Me. But this is your hour – and the dominion of darkness.” Luke 22:47-53 This scripture takes me to the times when I was like Judas. And if we are honest, we all have had times in which we betrayed Jesus, when faced with the dominion of darkness. The scenes flash in front of me, when I was asked a question that had a yes or no answer to my faith, and I either remained silent, or used some excuse so as not to give away my belief. Why do we do that? Why do we get into situations that would have us stand for our faith, and remain quiet? Isn’t that like what Judas did? Aren’t we betraying Jesus every time we are put in a situation to proclaim our faith and remain quiet? I still remember the pain of guilt that accompanies that decision. Fortunately Jesus knows our weaknesses and understands, and doesn’t hold that against us. But He wants us to stand for our faith. He wants us to proclaim our love for Him from the rooftops. He wants us to speak when the dominion of darkness pushes to keep us quiet. Our churches are filled with people who love the Lord, but will not admit it in the company of unbelievers. “Only a friend can betray a friend, a stranger has nothing to gain.” We have to settle whether or not we are a friend of Jesus or a stranger. If we love Him, we will not be ashamed to reveal our love and that we follow Him, and will not betray Him. To step back from that behavior is as if He is a stranger to us. Romans 10:9-10 tells us: “If you confess with your mouth , ‘Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. One believes with the heart, resulting in righteousness, and one confesses with the mouth, resulting in salvation.” Jesus will never condemn us for our weakness, for He knows, but our own actions will betray us like a friend with a kiss. It will act like a friend, but step back in the shadows when confronted with the truth. Is there ever a time when you stepped back instead of standing firm in the faith? If so, Jesus will give you strength, if you just let Him. Trust that He is right here with you. His Spirit guides us and strengthens us, for every action that we might find in this dominion of darkness that continues to follow us. Pastor Andy

It’s Who Not When

Let’s settle in this week to celebrate Jesus who was born of a virgin, through the Holy Spirit of God. Some will not celebrate Christmas thinking that no one knows the date of Jesus’ earthly birth, so it is wrong to celebrate it in December. I think of my son and daughter-in-law who adopted two children from China. They don’t know the exact date of one of the births, so they picked a date. They celebrate the birth of their child on that date that was picked. You may say, ‘but that’s not right, we can’t celebrate when we don’t know the date.” But you would be missing the point in both cases. The purpose of celebrating a birthday is celebrating the fact of the birth. It doesn’t matter when that happens, for it is the event, not the date that is important. The date of Jesus’ birth is really not that important, because it is the event that is so important among Christians. Yes, the world has tried to make it into something that it is not, and that’s alright, for we know what we are celebrating, don’t we? If we celebrate Christmas for the sake of Santa Claus, and presents and the gathering together to eat a Christmas meal, without recognizing the praise that goes to God for this great gift He has given to the world, then we are no different than the world. But if we celebrate the fact; if we celebrate the event, and celebrate the giver of the gift, then we will realize what Christmas is all about. Picture a time when there were shepherds out with their flocks at night, diligent so that no predators would sneak in and steal the sheep: “In the same region, shepherds were staying out in the fields and keeping watch at night over their flock. Then an angel of the Lord stood before them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, ‘Don’t be afraid, for look, I proclaim to you good news of great joy that will be for all the people: Today a Savior, who is Messiah the Lord, was born for you in the city of David. This will be the sign for you: You will find a baby wrapped snugly in cloth and lying in a feeding trough.” Suddenly there was a multitude of the heavenly host with the angel, praising God and saying: Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth to people He favors!” Luke 2:8-14 Nowwhere in that passage do they mention “In the year” which is their dating system, because it wasn’t important what the date was, for the event was something of great joy worthy of praising God for, worthy of celebration that God found favor with the people of earth to bring a Savior who is called Messiah (Christ). As with most things in our lives, we get complacent with things. Our prayers, our praise, our reading, and our worship. But this week, as we lead up to the day we celebrate, we can start now. We can once again get to know our Jesus, and read about the EVENTS, which is what we celebrate. Let’s step into the sandals of the shepherds; let’s listen as Mary ponders the things said by Elizabeth, her cousin, as she herself worships He who is in Mary’s womb. Even the baby in her womb jumped for joy at the presence of Mary, who was with child, stood in front of her. Let’s bring back the praise of Who this season is celebrated for. Let the world celebrate what they want to, but let’s not follow them, but rather, set the stage to show them the true reason for the season, celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pastor Andy

Bad things … Good People

Some people think that when bad things happen to you, it is because you are not living right with God. But think about this for a moment. Bad things can happen to people who are sincere and devoted to the faith. And in fact, the bible has many tales of believer’s suffering for the sake of the faith. Peter and John were making progress in speaking daily in the temple courts, and as a result of their ministry, they were arrested. The Bible says, “But an angel of the Lord opened the doors of the jail during the night, brought them out, and said, ‘Go and stand in the temple complex, and tell the people all about this life. In obedience to this, they entered the temple complex at daybreak and began to teach.” Acts 5: 19-21 When they were found to NOT be in jail but in the courts preaching, they brought them in before the Sanhedrin. The Jewish rulers wanted to kill them, but a man, by the name of Gamaliel, made a very wise plea on their behalf. Here is what he told the Sanhedrin: “Men of Israel, be careful about what you’re going to do to these men. Not long ago Theudas rose up, claiming to be somebody, and a group of about 400 men rallied to him. He was killed, and all his partisans were dispersed and came to nothing. After this man, Judas the Galilean rose up in the days of the census and attracted a following. That man also perished, and all his partisans were scattered. And now, I tell you, stay away from these men and leave them alone. For if this plan or this work is of men, it will be overthrown; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them. You may even be found fighting against God. So they were persuaded by him.” Acts 5: 35-39 After that, they were flogged and set free. They went away praising God that they were found worthy of being beaten for the cause of Christ, and it strengthened them to continue preaching. I wonder, would I continue under such harsh treatment? Would I consider it pure joy to be found worthy of being beaten for Christ? The Holy Spirit was with them, and they continued preaching and the bible says that the disciples in Jerusalem multiplied greatly, and a large group of priests became obedient to the faith. You can’t outgive God, and if we were willing to do whatever it took to proclaim the gospel, I believe that we would again see a magnificent revival all over our nation, because God’s word will not return void. Let’s think about that the next time we are being called names for the sake of Christ, and we call that suffering. Can we even compare it to what the saints of old suffered for Christ? I want to live my life as a reflection of the One who lives in me, and I pray that each of us be given strength from the Holy Spirit to live the way He desires and not out of fear of being persecuted. Let’s step out in faith today, and actually live the way He would want us to live. Not necessarily standing in an arena proclaiming the gospel. He would call us to that if He wanted that. But what about the one you meet at the grocery, who you know in your heart needs a word of encouragement from you? What about the needs of the one trying to find enough work to feed his family. There are many opportunities around us to be like Peter and John, and proclaim the good news about Christ, then reach out a helping hand to those you are led to. Pastor Andy

Acknowledging Christ

Is acknowledgment of Christ enough for us to be in right standing with God?  We are told in Ephesians 2 that we are saved by grace through faith in Christ Jesus, and we believe it is by grace through faith and not works.  But what does that mean to you?  Before you think about your answer, let me put the words of Christ here, as written by the Apostle Matthew: “Therefore, everyone who will acknowledge Me before men, I will also acknowledge him before My Father in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father in heaven. Don’t assume that I came to bring peace on the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I came to turn ‘a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s enemies will be the members of his household.’ The person who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; the person who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. And whoever doesn’t take up his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me. Anyone finding his life will lose it, and anyone losing his life because of Me will find it.”  Matthew 10: 32-39Now the first part of these verses tells of the depth of rest of the dialogue. The acknowledgement of Christ before men. You and I are given many opportunities to acknowledge Christ before men.  Staying silent when the call is to speak is not acknowledgement.  Staying silent because of fear is not acknowledgement. Staying silent because of not wanting to create a scene is not acknowledgement.  If you were ever in a situation with others in which you did not fear to talk about your children or parents, but are fearful of talking about Christ, you are not acknowledging Christ. He said that He did not come to bring peace but a sword.  Acknowledging Christ may put us in some unfriendly situations, but those situations or circumstances are not a reason to withhold our acknowledgment of Christ and who He is in our lives.  There are some of you who cannot speak of Christ in the workplace, for fear of losing your jobs. But those rules deal with proselytizing others, instead of just acknowledgment of our faith.  But fear has kept us from speaking because we fear men more than God.  Today would be a good day in our Journey to decide to acknowledge Him before men, because we love Jesus above all else. And He is the reason we live. Remember, Jesus carried His cross because of what He spoke in front of others.  For nothing more than speaking truth when those listening didn’t want to hear it. Can we do the same? Pastor Andy

Carrying Other’s Burdens

I trust you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  But today is for those who did not have a good holiday for one reason or another. To those who had no family and friends to surround them; those who were far away from home; those who were working or in harm’s way, our policemen and women, our firefighters, our medical workers, those who sacrifice time with their families, for the welfare of others. And today I would like to dedicate this journey to those whose bodies have been insulted by injury or infection. They had a hard time being thankful because of pain and discomfort.  I know you all know someone like that. Perhaps you visited them at Thanksgiving or talked to them on the phone. They may have been too far away to visit. I pray for those like Frank, who is in ICU at this time, struggling, fighting for one more day to stay with family. Scripture tells us this: “Carry one another’s burdens; in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2  James also writes this: “Is anyone among you suffering?  He should pray. Is anyone cheerful? He should sing praises. Is anyone among you sick? He should call for the elders of the church, and they should pray over him after anointing him with olive oil in the name of the Lord. The prayer of faith will save the sick person, and the Lord will restore him to health; if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, so that you may be healed. The urgent request of a righteous person is very powerful in its effect. James 5: 13-16   Every time I read this, I have to humble myself before the Lord, because I know that my faith could be stronger.  I trust the Lord with all my heart, but I want to love Him and trust Him for who He is, and not for what He does or does not do for me. But is that faith working or a copout for not being strong enough in my faith to expect the sick one to be healed when I pray? I wished my prayers were more effective. But doesn’t scripture say that they are? The prayers of the righteous person are powerful! Does that mean that my righteousness is lacking? I search my heart for the answer, and the Spirit tells me that I have taken Jesus for granted in many ways. I have gotten comfortable in my faith, and like a sheep, I probably stray away from the presence of the Lord, unconscious, unknowing that I am entering places where I am not to go.  But even if my faith is lacking enough to heal another, I will put my hope in Christ. With whatever grain of mustard seed that I can bring forward, I will hope, and I will continue to pray for those the Lord puts before me.   I know that within myself, I am weak, but I know that the Lord can take this weakened vessel and make it into what He wants it to be. And even though my faith might not be as strong as I would like it to be, I will still pray, I will still place the burden that my brothers and sisters bear before our Almighty God.  Please join me in emptying ourselves before the Lord today on behalf of another who sits in pain and suffering, especially of the family of God, for they are our brothers and sisters, and we are to carry their burdens. Pastor Andy 

Happy Thanksgiving!

“May Yahweh bless you and protect you; may Yahweh make His face shine on you and be gracious to you; May Yahweh look with favor on you and give you peace.”  Numbers 6: 24-26

Veteran’s Day

Warning … long! 😜

I want to wish blessings, to all you veterans of the military and the police force, as well as firefighters, emergency workers. All of you work on the front lines of life, giving up holidays, nights and special times with family to serve others. For the military folks, you have chosen to be under submission to the Commanding Officer, you have fought at times in which you didn’t agree with the mission, but went anyway, like a faithful soldier following orders. As a fellow veteran, I salute you, your bravery, and your courage to go and do the things the rest of the world does not understand. You Police, Firefighters, and Emergency workers; you go when called to go, even if the circumstance seems dismal. Remember the hundreds of firefighters lost when the twin towers collapsed. We know many innocent people died, but we also know that many heroes rushed in to save as many as possible without regard for their own safety. You are a Veteran, and I will salute you this day also, I will pray for the families left behind those who serve, those who have to live with the loss of sacrifice. You are a Veteran! I am proud to be a veteran, to have lived through things I would not want my children to have to live through. I believe in order, and following the commands of my Commanding Officer, and the officers over me. But for those of us left, or those currently serving, I want to encourage you to keep the faith. To endure when you want to quit, and to keep your focus on Christ. The one thing about those who serve, they do so out of respect for the orders of those above them; they have a purpose and believe in that purpose, even if it costs greatly. So whether your orders are one of control, or peace, or action, let me give you this admonition from Scripture: “I solemnly charge you before God and Christ Jesus, who is going to judge the living and the dead and because of His appearing and His kingdom. Proclaim the message; persist in it whether convenient or not; rebuke, correct, and encourage with great patience and teaching. For the time will come when they will not tolerate sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, will multiply teachers for themselves because they have an itch to hear something new. They will turn away from hearing the truth and will turn aside to myths. But as for you, be serious about everything, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.” 2 Timothy 4:1-5 Everyone of us has a mission here on earth. Those who do not know Christ, lack an understanding for what their actual purpose is, but they are searching. Those who know Christ, your mission is to be a light for those who walk in darkness. To endure is to be in places where others won’t go, to do the things others won’t do, and to proclaim what others fear to proclaim. You cannot do that under your own strength, but under the strength of Him who guides our lives. Just like the soldier who goes under the strength of the commander over him, so too, we must be willing to surrender to the leadership that knows best about how we are to conduct ourselves. Whether in battle or on the street corner, we are to be an example of Christ, recognizing that we are all in a war, and this war is against good and evil. Perhaps you may have never been tested yet. But the time will come when you will, and I pray that you will have the strength to stand during that testing. The very end of 2 Timothy we hear the Apostle saying this, and it goes for every one of us: “The Lord will rescue me from every evil work and will bring me safely into His heavenly kingdom. To Him be the glory forever and ever! Amen.” This is the goal of every veteran, that he/she be brought safely back home, and our home is our heavenly kingdom, and I pray that we do not lose our focus on what we are serving for, and Who we serve. Ps. Andy

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