Surrender Daily

Is there anything out there that causes you to stray in your thinking? Do you look at others with envy? Do your eyes take you to places and visuals that you ought not go? Do your feet cause you to travel to places you shouldn’t be at? And if you know this, what are those places? Does your hand cause you to take that which you didn’t earn, or was not yours? You may ask why I write such things because we don’t live like that. I write these things because Scripture tells us the very same thing. When Jesus gives instruction to His disciples, He gives instruction as to how believers must behave, not the world. When the disciples were arguing about who was greater, Jesus interrupted them, and asked what they were arguing about. They wouldn’t tell Him, but He knew, and He called them together and He took a child and brought the child before them. He told them that if anyone wanted to be great, they must be a servant to all, then He told them about the child: “Whoever welcomes one little child such as this in My name welcomes Me. And whoever welcomes Me does not welcome Me, but Him who sent Me.” Mark 9:37 They didn’t quite understand about “In My name,” and questioned Him about that. But He wasn’t done with the child, even though they might have appeared to talk around the child. Jesus then told them: “But whoever causes the downfall of one of these little ones who believe in Me – it would be better for him if a heavy millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea. And if your hand causes your downfall, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life maimed than to have two hands and go to hell – the unquenchable fire, where, Their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched. And if your foot causes your downfall, cut it off, it is better for you to enter life lame than to have two feet and be thrown into hell- the unquenchable fire, Their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched.” Mark 9:42-46 Jesus continues a third time with the eye, but then he quotes Isaiah 66:24 a third time. And I wonder why Jesus was so adamant with quoting Isaiah that He repeated the quote 3 times? Did He literally mean for those who caused the child, who believed in Him, to stumble, that they would be dealt with more severely? What I believe Jesus is warning us is that Hell is real. There is no mistaking that those who feel that hell is not really a place, need to change their thinking, for it is a place where there is also no death, but continued torment. “Their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched.” We must remember something as believers: Heaven is for real, and we are destined to go there if we believe. And if we believe, we have eternal life, but for those who don’t believe, they will also have a life after this physical body is destroyed, and that life will be in eternal torment. What a sobering comment. Jesus was not playing games with His disciples, but wanted them to understand that saying we live as a Christian, but continue to do things that do not glorify God, we have to think hard about whether we are honestly a Christian. I know we will continue to sin at times, but that sin should never cause us to feel comfortable in it, but as our hearts are convicted in that sin, we repent, and turn once again to Jesus. Our eternal place is out there, the question is whether it is eternal life in Christ, or eternal torment in hell. Do you have someone who you love who is not a believer? Love them enough to tell them about Jesus, and tell them the consequences of their decisions also. For Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost. That which was destined for eternal torment and separation from God. I can’t begin to tell you how much I am compelled to write these things, and they poke at my heart just as much as yours. For I am constantly aware of the times I fail Jesus, and although I know my salvation is secure, It’s only because I am brought back to the place of repentance once again, knowing with all my heart that the decision is still mine, but the power to keep me on track rests with Jesus and my willingness to surrender all to Him – daily. Ps. Andy

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