God Always Says “Yes” to Prayers for Healing

Last Friday, Pam and I received the below text from one of our dearest friends, Kay Farr.  She “lost” her husband of 27 years, Dennis, to COVID after his brave battle on January 14, 2022.  We all prayed our hearts out for this wonderful, gifted, hardworking, “full of life” man of God who was a loving husband, Dad, brother to four siblings, and a dear friend to many.  We even had 25ish people circled-up in the parking lot outside of his room at Baylor Scott White Hospital in McKinney, TX praying fervently for his recovery.  Certainly, God was planning to answer our prayers…right?!  Yet, God chose to take Him to heaven. In faith, we knew God answered our prayers but emotionally it was deflating and deeply hurtful.

Read the below.  It will help you out immensely if you are having or had a similar experience:

When you pray for someone to be healed but the opposite happens, you sometimes wonder if your prayer wasn’t good enough or if you aren’t righteous enough or your faith tank is too low.  Other times you wonder why some people get that wow-God, triumphant miracle story while you sit there still praying, still waiting, changing up the words you pray to find that perfect key-fit to unlock the miracle.   When it comes to God healing or choosing not to heal, I know the right answer in my brain, but my heart doesn’t get it and keeps asking, ‘why?’  

One day while I was pondering the above, a very wise friend, Tia Willin Collin said the below, and in one fell swoop, I called a truce between my head and my heart.  Here’s what she said about God sometimes choosing not to heal:  

“Wait what?  God doesn’t always heal?  I disagree!  Prayers for healing are the safest prayers we can pray because God always says ‘yes’.  Now…let’s define ‘yes’.  If he heals you here, your healing is temporary.  It’s still good and amazing, but it will not last forever.  You will get sick again.  You will die.  I’ve never met a 2,000 year old Christian!  But if he releases you from your mortal body, and heals you in THAT way, then, you are healed forever!  No more sickness, no more pain, no more tears.  The problem isn’t, sometimes God heals and sometimes he doesn’t, the problem is, we’ve begun to cherish ‘temporary healing’ over ‘eternal healing’ so much so, we now dismiss eternal healing as any type of healing at all.

I hope that helps you as much as it did me.  Thank you, Tia.”

God always says, “Yes” to prayers for healing.  It is either to heal this temporary body or to release this body allowing you to go to heaven where our healing is forever.  Amen…

2 thoughts on “God Always Says “Yes” to Prayers for Healing”

  1. Wow, this continues to touch deeply, I pray this helps those that ask “why” and understand that God did indeed answer our request. Love y’all 💕


    1. Out of pain comes growth, restoration, and most importantly life…thx for your obedience and seeing light where others see darkness.


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