Such A Time

This isolation from the pandemic has caused a lot of issues that never made the news. There is the issue of depression from the lack of socialization; there is the issue of family violence from spending too much time cooped up together without an outlet for release. There is the issue of Children not being taught because of computer issues and the lack of one-on-one training.  There has also been a rise in pregnancies, which I’m sure are not ALL planned, even though wanted. In other words, it has changed the face of America. It has caused people to become angry for no apparent reason.  It has opened up a whole new attitude toward Christianity, although I’m sure those who spent their times secluded didn’t open their bibles much. But through all this I want to tell you this morning that God loves you. He has a plan through all this, and His plan is better than our understanding. Don’t you think He just might be hoping that this kind of crisis brings more people to Him?  Wouldn’t He be wanting us to trust Him to lead us through all the times that seem so uncertain before us? But do we? Why are we so quick to complain about this being His doing and not for good, instead of leaning on His grace and His direction to get through it.  I found an encouraging Scripture this morning going through Matthew: “Therefore, don’t be afraid of them, since there is nothing covered that won’t be uncovered and nothing hidden that won’t be made known.  What I tell you in the dark, speak in the light. What you hear in a whisper, proclaim on the housetops. Don’t fear those who kill the body but are not able to kill the soul; rather, fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Aren’t two sparrows sold for  a penny? Yet not one of them falls to the ground without your Father’s consent. But even the hairs of your head have all been counted. So don’t be afraid therefore; you are worth more than many sparrows.”  Matthew 10: 26:31  So what does this scripture tell us this morning? That all things will be made known to them who seek God’s will, and to desire to listen to Him speak. But what we hear we are to proclaim. We have not been left alone to deal with this all by ourselves. It seems that we have become the harbingers of the truth that we should desire to speak, and proclaim. But how can we do that if we are either not listening, or are too busy blaming God for all that has transpired. Don’t you think it’s time we ask God to forgive us and to use us to bring peace to those who don’t know Him and are living in fear?  Don’t you think it’s time we stop worrying about what will happen to our bodies and think about what our Lord has planned for us at the end of all this?  This is a good day, a day that we can rejoice because we have been given another opportunity to proclaim that which our hearts know to be true to those who are suffering. It’s a good day to look outside of ourselves, and see what is going on around us. Perhaps you and I were brought to this place for just such a time as this. Let’s make the best of it. Pastor Andy

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