Dualistic Thinking

There’s sin and redemption.  Jesus and the devil.  These are easy to distinguish,  But even Jesus warns us of the deception that will occur when he says: “many will come in my name claiming, ‘I am he’ and ‘the time is near’.  Do not follow them”  (Lk21:8)

When I recently saw video clips of people destroying property and looting I was appalled.  But remember when Jesus went into the temple and overturned tables?  Now I am not equating all that has occurred recently to Jesus, but I do wonder if there was the human side of Jesus that was just fed up with people not getting it and he acted out.    And in the OT God tells his people to go and destroy places and people and take possessions back with you.

So all situations are not dualistic, that is clearly one side or another.

There is black-white, Japanese-Korean, Puerto Rican and Venezuelan.  There are differences but did you know that all humans share 99% of the same DNA?

When people say “I don’t see color, we are all equal is this really true? “  I don’t consider myself a prejudice person, but I certainly to have images in my mind that define certain words, like in the case of “terrorist”.  I remember the OKC bombing, I immediately had a picture of who perpetrated this horrific act.  I was wrong.

I think we should be careful to examine our dualistic thinking.  Our preconceived ideas that we hold to and hold them up to the light of scripture.

I am learning to not automatically jump to “right and wrong”, not that I doubt everything, but I am finding that there are times I need to know more about a situation before snapping to judgment and categorization.  I need to take a little more time and get more information.

Jesus often taught in parables – not to just download information to us but rather to get us to  analyze and think.  He gave situational examples of how to illustrate and apply the kingdom of God in circumstances.  I think we can apply this “understanding the narrative” approach.  And I am feeling I need to be careful to not to jump to dualistic thinking.



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