Calling? Good? Best

An interesting and oft overlooked incident occurred on Palm Sunday from John’s account.   As the crowds gathered, some Greeks who likey traveled a great distance, ask to see Jesus.  They go Philip who goes to Andrew and together they go to Jesus to tell him of these men who want to see him. (Jn 12:20-22)

Jesus responds with: “The hour has come” (Jn 12:23) and outlines his crucifixion.  The Greeks are evidence that the mission of God is spreading as these people have come from a different culture than the Jews.  Likely this would have been a good opportunity to share with these seekers.  But Jesus, single minded in purpose, commits to “the hour” which has come.

There are many good things for us to do.  Sometimes opportunities present themselves, good opportunities.  But if it is not what the Father has called us to do, Jesus shows us that we are to do only the will of the Father and nothing else.  This is restated by Jesus also in John 5:30:  “I can do nothing on my own. As I hear, I judge, and my judgment is just, because I seek not my own will but the will of him who sent me.”

It would seem that having a relationship and frequent communication with God would be helpful to discern what and how we are to follow him.  Studying the bible and knowing the stories are also ways to get to know him.

I have recently really tried to slow down and look into the details of biblical stories and place myself in the various and specific situations and circumstances. I have been trying to get into the characters and observe their reactions and note the dialog.   I have found that there’s much more going on than I at first realize.

It has been said we cannot comprehend God but we can apprehend him.  And through our sincere and honest pursuit of him, it may still be a little fuzzy, but we will get to know the Father and his will for us can be clearer.  It was clear for Jesus, and he was God, but also human, just like us.




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