But I Tell You Who Hear Me

“Love your enemies” is a common scripture, theme, and concept to most Christians and is even familiar to many non-believers.

Prior to giving us this command Jesus gave the Beatitudes, the blessings, then warned us that following him would not be easy.  Then Luke 6:27 follows when he says: “But I tell you who hear me: love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.”

Luke 6:17-19 sets the scene. Jesus is in a very public setting surrounded by a large crowd from all around the region who had come to be healed and to listen to him.  He starts with: “But I tell you who hear me” in verse 27a.

The word for “hear me” is akouo which is to physically hear but also to understand, perceive, learn and comprehend.  Remember this scene is a large crowd who have come from near and far to be healed.  This is a very public event, a happening.

And he in effect says to them, to those who really get this, who really understand and comprehend me I am telling you to love outrageously.   To love in a very non-sensical way.   In Luke 6:28 he says to love your enemies, bless those who “mistreat you” and “hate” you.  In effect he is saying “don’t follow the crowd and get wrapped up in the healing and this public spectacle.  Rather this shows that I want you to love people in supernatural ways”.

He wants people to “really” get this.  To not get too wrapped up in the event, but to really perceive and understand the message behind the event.  A message to love beyond human ways.  And he is singling out those who really “hear me”. (Lk 6: 27)

He says if you do this you will be: “sons of the Most High”. (Lk 6: 35). You will be the true descendants of God, the real family members, the real followers.

This next year let’s really see Jesus with 2020 vision.  Let’s catapult off the decorations of Christmas and New Years celebrations and really “hear” Jesus’ message as he breaks into our world.   The message to go beyond the natural to the supernatural.  To love as he loved.  His miraculous birth, points to his miraculous love.  We are to love because he first loved us!  Hope you had a Merry Christmas and will have a great 2020!

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