Riding Above the Storm

Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

“Conditions are beginning to deteriorate.”

It’s a warning you often hear on the radio or television as a storm begins to roll in or a hurricane gets closer to landfall.

In those moments, when we find ourselves powerless to do anything to stop the storm or fix the condition–when we have absolutely no control–the psalmist suggests that we stop, take a deep breath, and turn our eyes toward God who is above everything. In the midst of chaos, “Be still.” Really.

When we have an eternal perspective–which our relationship with Christ assures us–He is forming the picture we will eventually see. It’s the big picture of our lives in the scheme of eternity, written during the storms we face now.

We’ve all been in the eye of a storm, and I know many of you are there now. But conditions deteriorate, and then we’re blindsided. One moment our dad is eating lunch and the next he suffers a massive heart attack. One moment you’ve received a great review, the next you get a dismissal notice. another moment the phone rings and you hear the words, “There’s been an accident.” Someone you can’t live without isn’t going to make it.One moment all is calm and under control, and in a matter of minutes, everything breaks loose.

“Conditions are beginning to deteriorate.”

Yet through it all, God remains a safe place to hide, ready to help when we need Him. That’s the big picture. When conditions begin to deteriorate and everything seems to be spinning our of control, God offers the eternal, everlasting calm that quiets our hearts and buoys up our spirits.

He is always there, calm and in control, when we’re not and can’t be. And in the big picture of eternity, conditions are fine. Actually, conditions are glorious and heavenly.

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