Labor and Relax

Having read stories where people planted churches that sprung up into movements to Jesus where thousands of people accepted Jesus and were baptized I began to wonder why my efforts have never been rewarded with such fruit.

Was I missing something?  Unfaithful?  Not praying enough?  Not working hard enough?

Undoubtedly, I can improve on all the above.  However, recently I came across Mark 4, the parable of the seed sower, the farmer, and it really helped give me some relief and encouragement.

In verse 21-25 we see our place in society defined as always being a light to those around us and always being a testimony to Jesus.  We have the gospel which is so much, and we are not to hoard it nor hide it.

Then in verses 26-29 Jesus informs us of what the Kingdom is like.  It’s a seed (vs 26) that is scattered (by us).  And “night and day whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts” (vs 27).  In other words, it’s not up to us!  I fact it says: “the seed grows, though he does not know how”.

We cannot control the growth of the Kingdom, God will accomplish it – even when we are sleeping.  We have a part in it, no doubt.  However, it is ultimately God who grows his Kingdom.

The farmer sows the seeds and harvests, so we as “Kingdom farmers” are to participate in sowing and harvesting but it is not up to us to make the seeds grow.  In verse 28 Jesus states: “all by itself the soil produces grain”.

Jesus then steps back and further explains the Kingdom in verses 30-32 explaining that from the smallest seed a large tree grows providing shade for the birds.  From very small churches a whole movement of people to Jesus grows and multiplies.

This was so encouraging!  I am to be a witness.  I am to keep trying to plant churches.  However, ultimately it is the Lord’s job to make things grow.  And he will do it in due time.

What a relief!  As I press on I can relax.  And when the seeds I throw out grow, they will be a part of something very large, the largest trees in the garden providing “shade” for many.

So lets all be seed sowers.  Laborers for the harvest.  And leave the growing of those seeds up to the Lord.  He will grow those seeds in due time.  Amen!

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