Chew on That Until You Get It!

Did you know that cows have four stomachs allowing them to have great digestive abilities?   These stomachs are actual chambers in a large abdominal area.  Once the food such as grass or hay is initially chewed and swallowed it goes to the first chamber called the rumen.  After the food is processed and softened in the rumen, it is burped up and chewed over again. This burped up substance is called the cud and is chewed over and over until it is swallowed again and processed in each of the other chambers of the cow’s stomach. In each of these chambers additional digestion takes place so that the cow can further use the nutrients.

For twenty years, I lived near a working farm which I passed by every day.  Often, I would see cows sitting in the middle of a pasture relaxing as if enjoying the sun.  Then suddenly, they began chewing on something without taking a bite of anything.  What they were doing was chewing on the cud burped up by one of the stomachs.

Albeit a bit gross, this visual of chewing cud over and over again has a huge application in scripture.  Many of us read scripture once without ever “digesting” it.  God wants us to meditate or continue to “chew on” scripture throughout the day.  Once we do, we truly begin to understand the meaning and are able to apply the word in real terms to our lives. 

Psalm 119:97, Oh, how I love your law! I meditate on it all day long.

Psalm 119:15&16, I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways delighting in your decrees. I will not neglect your word.

John 15:7, If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”

In today’s world, we hear the phrase, “chew on that until you get it.”  I want us to take heart to this phrase.  Let’s chew on God’s Word until we get it!

2 thoughts on “Chew on That Until You Get It!”

  1. Oh, thank you. I loved the giggle I got from this along with a following “ah ha moment”. I’ve been asking for prayer for a growth in studying better my Lord and Savior. I feel stagnant and non productive. This particular blog, I know will help me get that what I am not. Thx


    1. Hey Godsgirl, Like you I have been in a bit of a funk regarding delighting in His word. So, this devotion ministered to me as I wrote it. Let’s not forget Heb. 4:12, ” For the word of God is alive and active.” The Greek for “alive” is the word from which “energy” was derived. And, the word “active” is the word from which we get “dynamite.” His Word fills us with spiritual energy and gives us great power in our life. Let’s enjoy it and “chew” on it day and night. Blessings, Rick


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