Open Your Heart

We had a family get together this past weekend to celebrate my mother’s 83rd birthday. All of my family were there and we had a really good time visiting with each other.

During the afternoon, I happened to be speaking to one of my brother-in-laws, Gary, regarding Barnabasman and the daily readings. I told him how I came to be involved and a contributing author. Being a Christian himself, he was very interested in reading the messages I had been posting, as he has been following my journey to reconnect with my faith.

He said that he had an interesting thing happen to him not too long ago as well. Gary has had some health problems in the past and actually had a quadruple bypass after having a heart attack on Christmas Eve a few years ago. He told me that he asked my sister to make him an appointment with his heart doctor. She asked if he was alright and he told her that he felt like the doctor actually needed something and that God was directing him to go and pay the doctor a visit. So she made the appointment.

When Gary was called in to the office, the doctor asked him what was going on with him. Gary replied, “Actually, I am here because I feel like you have something going on in your life.” The doctor got quiet, got up and closed the door. He asked, “Have any little birds been talking to you?” Gary said, “No, God directed me to come and speak with you.”

The doctor began to explain that in the last week, (I am hoping I have all of this accurate), his daughter had pregnancy complications, his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and he himself had been diagnosed with a serious illness. He was very distraught and couldn’t believe that Gary had this calling to come and visit him.

They spoke a while about the trials and tribulations in life and then cried together and prayed together. If I have my story straight, the doctor later reported that his health issue had resolved itself.

I think the point I am trying to make is that if we open our hearts, the Holy Spirit will work within us. Gary was called to reach out to someone in need by God. There is no other explanation. I am sure many of us have had similar instances where we have been called for no apparent reason. By opening our hearts, we let God, Christ and the Holy Spirit help us to accomplish Christ’s mission for all of us: love one another.

I appreciate Gary sharing this story with me. I could tell that it was still a moving situation for him. The power and glory of God is awesome, and how he works through us is glorious!

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