Knowing and Living

Would you like to be able to be tested and subjected to scrutiny and be shown to absolutely  know the difference between good and evil?

And be shown to be pure and sincere and absolutely without any offense if subjected to a light of examination brightly shining on you? And to be able to do this until the end of your days, or until Christ returns?

In addition to all this would you like to be filled to overflowing and fulfill an abundance of actions and deeds that are virtuous and full of life and correct?

The only way to do this is for you to love unconditionally.  And to love exceedingly by actually precisely knowing what unconditional, “no strings attached” love is and to cognitively perceptively know how to love deeply. And to love in the context, and to the extent and risk of suffering.

Philippians 1: 9-11 says the only way to do this is though or by means of Jesus Christ.  Paul in chapters 2 and 3 goes on to say it isn’t by any human achievements, academics, or accolades.  It is by knowing Christ.  To deeply and intimately know, grasp, and perceive who Jesus is.  And, part of this is to know the power of the resurrection, and share in his suffering (Phil 3:10).

I am not sure how this exactly applies to us.  It is all rather lofty.  But somehow the way to know Jesus to this extent is to suffer with him in some way.  There’s a cost to really knowing Jesus.  What is that for you?



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