Be a Hard Head

Are you ever hesitant or do you ever lack confidence in living rightly as God intended.   Or are you ever hesitant in sharing your faith?

I was encouraged by Ezekiel 3:1-9 where God tells the prophet to speak to the house of Israel to “eat the scroll” (vs 1) in other words deeply and fully digest God’s Word.

Then he tells him to go to people around you who are like you, who you can communicate with, not obscure people (vs 5, 6).  And do this even if they don’t listen,  and if they are “hardened and obstinate” (vs 7).

It’s encouraging that God says he will: “make you as unyielding and hardened as they are” in verse 8.

In verse 9 God says he will:  “make your forehead like the hardest stone, harder than flint”.  And we are not to: “be afraid of them, or terrified by them, though they are a rebellious house”.

 Though he is talking about going to Israel he is in effect saying go to the people who are not following God, not true Israelites, not truly God’s people.

I want to rely on this passage.  When in a situation where I will be a prophet for the Lord, a testimony in a challenging ungodly situation.  We all can do this with our words or actions.  To be God’s instrument, his prophetic voice to those who are far from him.

I want to have a steadfastness. I want to be as resolute as they are and not be afraid and testify to Jesus in the wake of the challenges of being amongst “hardened”, and “obstinate” people.

This is not in our power but what God says he will do for us in verse 8, “But I will”, God tells us.

So let’s lean on what God does for us – to give us hard heads and boldly speak up for him.

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