Psalms 119:11 – “I have treasured Your Word in my heart so that I may not sin against you.”

This morning as I read the verse above I couldn’t get past the idea that I have been listening to the Word of God for over 40 years. That is, since a young boy, in one way or form or another, the sentences from the Bible have been in front of me, whether through teachings, readings, others, or however it has come.

40 YEARS! A long time right? Yet as I read the words above I have to think why my treasure chest of God’s Word and love over my life hasn’t completely stopped my SINS?

We have this vault of strength, security, identity, love, and confidence in the blood of Jesus Christ and I do earnestly want HIS WILL in every part and piece of my life. Yet failure in sin still comes… This isn’t a “hey keep sinning you’re always forgiven bit”…. on the contrary it’s a “wake the heck up and get into the fight”.

I’d guess I am not the only reader that has been around the bible for so long that at times we think we could recite every story, passage, or key player from Genesis to Revelation?

No one else?

So what ? What does the Word of God do for us without application? Is it stopping evil or building protection? Can it evangelize or save without the vocal spokesman or spokeswoman?

Hardly capable of anything …. NOW please don’t misread my intentions… I personally have encountered CHRIST through the Word of GOD on my own without a witness…. yet HE CHOSES that time to speak to me… not the other way around… That is… I need to be yearning for His WORDS to come…. not playing the sin cards while skipping along planet earth as “all is forgiven”.

My life and actions, and yours, and those far before us, every feable human’s sin, had caused this horrible pain and torture the KING of Everything endured for us… Why aren’t I more eager to hear him and listen to His Word?

As we continue our daily meditations and prayer and ask the Father to KEEP speaking to us, through our bibles, friends, pastors, and others, should we be asking for more? Shouldn’t I be seeking more after 40 years of learning and prayer?

Are you as tired as I am of our let downs and dissappointments in regards to my faith life and effectiveness for the Kingdom? We need God’s word to come back into our hearts with FIRE and a burning spear to wake our sleepy hearts and jump start us again! The SPIRIT is ALWAYS energized and ready to jump into action!!! How great for us to be anxious to leap with him at every chance?

Author: Brenden Kurtz

Kingdom now. A Life interrupted by the Great I am. Project love unto others, both known and unknown, & to elevate one's attitude and aptitude.

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