Keeping Score

The Bible tells us that God knew us before he formed us and determined the path for our lives. With that said, who or what really defines our success in life?

God does.

Not our education level, not how many influential friends we have, not how much money we have or material things we accumulate.

Who measures our impact on the world or the lives around us?

God does.

God’s standards are rock solid. They are not subjective or driven by people’s standards.

Our world and society continually communicates to us that we have to have more, achieve more, do more. God looks at things differently: what is in our hearts, what are our desires, what matters most to us.

His scorecard includes how you made your spouse feel, how much quality time you spent with your children, how you treat people you don’t know, how you forgive people who caused you harm. It doesn’t include how big your flat screen is or how many cars you have. Are you following God’s plan for your life? Are you seeking out your purpose? Are you investing in your relationships? Remember, your relationship with God and Christ are solid forever; you should be continually working on your relationships with those around you and spreading the Good Word. When you “perform” well, your scorecard will allow you to reap all of God’s rewards!

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