We all have choices.  We can choose a career, where to live, what restaurant to eat at, where to go to school or on vacation, whether to believe in God or not.  God gave us the ability to choose and we in the West especially have many choices in many areas of our lives.

We all have many people around us who we know who choose to turn their backs on God.  On even the notion of God’s exitance.  But have you ever thought that God also has choices.

I know God extends grace and mercy but I recently realized that he can just as easily choose to not love us, to not forgive us, to annihilate us as we sin against him.

But 1 Pet 3:9 states that God:  “is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance” and John 3:16 states that God sent his son: “that the world might be saved through him”.

God chooses to be patient with us, and does not want people to go to hell.   Additionally, the way he is choosing to save us is that he chooses to send his son to accomplish this for rebellious mankind.

Realizing that God has choices let’s thank him that he chooses to save us. That he chose to send his son to pay our price by his perfect sacrifice.  God chooses to love us this much.  Yes – God has choices and share this good news wit

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