Advancing in Authority

As discussed previously in this Bible plan, the world and the enemy are on a mission of destruction. The battle plan to emasculate men is not merely to pull their “man card” but to undermine and mock God’s very design and order for mankind. When a man is portrayed as a weak, mindless dufus in the media the Enemy chalks up another point at undermining Gods ultimate authority. Satan was kicked out of heaven for pride and wanting to be God;  his tactic to win over a third of the angels was to undermine God’s authority.

When authority is undermined, it is then weakened and when it is weak it will then topple over. Satan knows that if he can take down the man, which is God’s established head of the home, he then can destroy the rest of the family and eventually a nation will tumble to him and his ways.

When a man’s authority is undermined and mocked long enough, he eventually will surrender to apathy and passivity and simply stand by and let the enemy wreak havoc. Apathy is defined as the absence or suppression of passion, emotion or excitement as well as a lack of concern.

However, God has given men authority to rise up and defeat the darkness. This authority is not our own it was given to us and instilled into us by Christ Jesus whom which all authority has been given. He has deputized us with that very same authority to be all that God has called us to be as men on a mandate to advance His Kingdom. Remember we are Mighty Men of God full of Power and Authority.

Restore The Roar

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