Ripping and Roaring

I am currently going through a devotional called, “Restore The Roar”! Below is the first day of the series and something very close to my heart.

In my opinion, there is no more masculine sight, smell, and sound than that of the muscle car drag races. I can picture it now, the sight of the thick smoke filling the air, mixed with the pungent smell of gasoline and burning rubber from tires peeling out and then there’s the rumble and the mighty ROAR of the muscle car engine as it rips and roars down the track at staggering speeds.  As amazingly manly as all this sounds, there is something even more immensely manly. God wants to breathe His Spirit into the spirit of every man, just as He did with the first man Adam. God desires to place the roar of heaven inside each and every one of us, which is the power of His Spirit which ignites the true identity of a man.

The Hebrew word for spirit, breath, and wind is ruach. The basic meaning of ruach is both ‘wind’ or ‘breath,’ however digging a little deeper into the word, it is described more as the power or force encountered in the wind or the breath. 

Ruach is also often translated as “spirit” in the English Bible. We could then say ruach is the roar breathed into us by the power of our Almighty God. Every man can have a raw and relentless roar placed deep down inside of his spirit that is authoritatively declaring his identity as a man, a man on a mission with a mandate issued by Heaven itself.  With that said, I say…gentlemen let’s start our engines and let’s get roaring!

When was a time in your life that you felt most alive?

What’s the manliest thing you have ever done in your life?

If you’re honest, do you feel the power of the Spirit alive in you?

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