Do You Smell?

I love the smell of springtime! I love the smell of Irish Spring soap, especially after a hard day of working outside. I love the smell of Old Spice, and I love the smell of my wife, and could pick her out of a crowd by her smell alone. And believe it or not, I love the smell of the farm, for to me, it is the smell that reminds me of life.  During my years in the Navy, I used to be stationed at a lot of Air bases. I love the smell of Jet fuel that seemed to permeate the air when the jets were flying. It was the smell and the sound of freedom.  And I love the smell of those brothers and sisters of mine, who love the Lord, for I love the fragrance of salvation. Have you ever tried to smell salvation? You have to do so in the Spirit, but I believe that every one of us who have the Lord in our lives, can smell another believer. (I know it sounds weird). But listen to what Scripture says about this: “But thanks be to God, who always puts us on display in Christ and through us spreads the aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place. For to God we are the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing. To some we are an aroma of death leading to death, but to others, an aroma of life leading to life. And who is competent for this?”  2 Corinthians 2:14-16 At times you don’t even recognize the smell, as a smell, but you either feel good in the surroundings you are in, or you feel bad, or sad, or angry, all based on the company of those around you. The “smell” of the believer makes for a pleasant surrounding, and further more, the bible tells us that, TO HIM, we are the fragrance of Christ among those being saved. That tells me that our God also loves good aromas. He loved the smell of burnt offerings, given in praise and thanks to Him. So why wouldn’t He love the aroma of one who gives themselves for the cause of Christ. Everything about us should give off a smell of salvation. Everything around us should be the smell of life, but unfortunately we too often surround ourselves with the smell of death also, by surrounding ourselves  with those who do not believe. We find the situation not pleasant unless, of course, we have become accustomed to the smell. So my brothers and sisters in Christ, take a big whiff!  What is it you smell? Do you smell the aroma of Christ?  Or do you smell the aroma of death? On the back of my Old Spice deodorant, is the saying, “If your grandfather hadn’t worn it, you wouldn’t exist.”  I hope the generations that come after me say the same thing about my faith, don’t you. For I want to be found competent to be the fragrance of Christ for future generations, so that they too, will smell life, and smell like life in Christ. Pastor Andy

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