Daily Dose

“A man can no more take in a supply of grace for the future than he can eat enough today to last him for the next 6 months, nor can he inhale sufficient air into his lungs with one breath to sustain life for a week to come. We are permitted to draw upon God’s store of grace from day to day as we need it.”- Dwight L. Moody

I found this quote in Step 12 of the Re:generation book and it struck a bit of a chord with me. But, from the perspective that I realized that, after missing last week’s meeting, I really needed to get back on track and create a daily regiment of prayer, scripture, worship and reflection time. A lot of the guys in the group will tell you that, like me, you get a little off balance when you miss the meeting and it affects the rest of your week.

If we are truly committed to walking with Christ, it can’t be a part time thing, or as we have time, or as we need it. To strengthen this relationship, we need to make the time, not find the time. I know several people, some in the group, that have their personal devotion time the same time every day. And, I would never say that it has become routine, but instead a priority. Personally, I have failed in this regard to this point, but while speaking to my wife last night, I briefly outlined my devotional plan and what part I hoped she could play. I also asked her to hold me accountable.

There are a lot of folks that get their weekly dose at church on Sunday. I now believe that there are too many things that happen throughout the week to have one hour of religion sustain us and protect us from life and life’s temptations. If we really want to be committed to living a Christ-like life, we need more. In order to have that intimate relationship with Jesus, we need regular, intimate, personal time with him. Prayer, worship, and serving others is the daily bread we need. There is nothing stopping us but ourselves. God and Jesus will always be there for us. As Mr. Moody said, “We are permitted to draw upon God’s grace…” Why then don’t we consistently make this our priority?

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