As many of you might know, I have been in Re:generation for the better part of a year. Our step group is on step 11. I am part of a great group of guys that have all experienced tremendous spiritual and individual growth during the time. I am proud of each of them and proud to be part of this particular group.

My time in Re:gen has had a significant impact on me. If you read my previous posts, you can get a glimpse of where I have been and where I am heading.

I don’t to dwell on me however. This was a team effort. From my wife and kids to my Re:gen cohorts. One of the things we learn in the 12 steps is that our lives are unmanageable by ourselves. If you don’t believe that, take another look at yourself. I have been surrounded by positivity and support by those close to me. We talk about our faith as never before. We all attend the same church for the first time since my kids were small. All of my girls and my wife are involved at some level at the church, and so we all stay connected to our faith and each other in this way. The weekly group meetings at Re:gen and the messages we all receive during the week keep us in line and accountable to the paths we are on. Our updates and testimonies during the Monday meetings are extremely telling as to who is on track and who isn’t. I will tell you, however, that the off-tracks have dwindled down to almost nothing. Each of us seeing the impact the program has had on our lives.

But, it’s not the program in and of itself or the fact that we volunteer at church. It’s the choice that we all have made to give it all to God. Without this one thing at the core, as the foundation, we would not be able to stay on a righteous path. Christianity has always been a team concept. Christ has instructed us to love each other, witness to each other, grow in faith through congregations of followers. Church was not meant to be a place, but a gathering of people who share common values and principles so that we can spread the good news of the Gospel. I take my church with me wherever I go. What about you?

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