In a conference this week I encountered a very good expositor of the Word who discussed the worthiness of God using texts from the book of Revelation.

One “pop” for me was that we are saved “for” God from Rev 5:9.  Though it is true, the text does not say we are saved from hell, from judgment, from Satan.  We are also not saved to God, but rather “for” God.  And it is from every people group on the earth.

All this is couched in the beautiful worthiness of Jesus who opens the scroll to reveal the fulfillment of time, humanity and eternity.   The scroll that is written on both sides – meaning it is complete – and it is sealed with seven seals meaning it contains exquisitely significant contents.  It is in the presence of creatures with extra eyes meaning they are  these observant seeing super perceivers and elders with bowls of the prayers of all the people.  And they are singing a new song.

Jesus pays the price to save us for God.  It says we are to be in relationship with him as priests.  Mediators to serve in some capacity where we will reign (Rev 5: 10).  We will have a priestly responsibility to serve some part of eternal creation.  We are saved for him as an offering to partner with him in service.  To co-labor with the King, the one of infinite worthiness (Rev 5: 11-13).  How fantastic!

The second pop was from Rev 7: 17 where the Lamb will be our shepherd.  The worthy spotless Lamb sacrifice who willingly gives his life will die for us but be raised to life to be our guide.  The sacrifice lamb becomes our shepherd leader.

And he gives us living water as we co-labor with him with people from every tribe, language, people, and ethnic group.

Let’s live in this reality with our eyes to the future and the hope we have.  Let’s serve him well since he is worthy of our worship and praise and honor.  Let’s get it done for the Son!









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