I Want Power and Riches!

Watching a movie trapped in an airplane for 12 hours I was intrigued at the insatiable craving for riches and power of drug lords in South America.  It was shockingly disturbing, and it all seemed so empty and tragic.  Hours later in the flight while reading in the book of Ephesians I was struck when I read that God wants us to have “riches” and “power”.  He actually used these exact words in describing us as believers!

Of course, God is not talking about worldly riches and power.  In chapter one Paul writes for the eyes of the hearts of the saints to be enlightened to know the riches of his glorious inheritance” and the “great power for us who believe”.  (my emphasis)

These are not empty worldly material riches that are fleeting and don’t satisfy.  Rather these riches are spiritual in nature.  Riches we as believers will receive as an inheritance which provides peace of mind for us that our future is secure.  This spiritual inheritance is said to be “glorious” and is tied in to all the saints, it is thus very big.  So it’s no problem!  We are secure,  set for life!  Eternal life, lacking nothing.

And this power is not earthly power wielded over domains or people.  Rather this is a personal spiritual power that is said to be “incomparable”, and is “great”.  It is said to be “mighty” and was shown to us as the power that was: “exerted in Christ” when God: “raised him from the dead” and is said to be above all “rule and authority”.   Now that is a lot of power!  And it available to us to carry out the work of the Body of Christ, the church.

It is comforting to rest in the inheritance.  But the power makes me think.  It strikes me that this amount of power is given to us to be the church and push back the darkness in the world.  Whenever serving do I realize how much power is at my disposal?  And do I go forth with a commensurate level of commitment?

We are given much and much is expected.  We know our future is secure and we have all we need to do what God has called us to do.  I pray that the “eyes of my heart” will keep this in focus and I will act accordingly to do His will.


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