Yearning for more

Matthew 5:6 ESV

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”


I used to hear or read this verse and think it meant “those who are hungry” will be satisfied. As silly as that sounds now, it was truly the meaning i thought this verse had.   Imagine, the hungrier i was the more satisfied i’d become?

Reading in closer detail, we see the verse says – “Blessed are those that HUNGER FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS” and “Blessed are those that THIRST FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS”… “for they will be satisfied.”

Now there’s the meaning we can get behind, correct?     Of course after viewing the Chicago Bears Wild Card game with the rest of you, “satisfied” may have a whole new meaning as well.

As I sat in church yesterday morning, listening to the message and thinking about my own life applications from God’s Word, it did not take long to lose sight of “righteousness” when I watched the Chicago Bears kicker miss the much needed field goal in their playoff hopes. Fortunately for the kicker, it has been assumed the kick was actually BLOCKED by the Eagles, softening the heartache and many blows that the public deemed fitting to this young man.

Admittedly, my thoughts of his performance were not righteous, as we watched the playoff hope die as the ball hit the uprights and fell to the ground, without crossing through the posts for the goal. The Bears were defeated, the fans were deflated, and the game was over. Instantly, the dreams and hopes of so many fell apart and the season was over.

Thinking through this today, there is one thing I know for sure.. Those players on the Chicago bears, those fans, that kicker, every one of them was HUNGRY for the win. They were all THIRSTY for the title. This hunger and thirst they had was not diminished, defeated or changed after the loss…. they still FEEL THAT way today…

This may be a far reach for the Barnabas Man post but how similar are we to think of today’s verse?   Our results, circumstances, and “ends” should not be indicators or conditioners of our faith. Seeds of faith and trust in Christ come BEFORE the fruits of the Spirit are released and even more so, the FRUITS of The SPIRIT are not contingent on what happens next.    Whether victory or defeat, the Christ follower MUST COMMITT to the righteousness. The believer in God does not FOLLOW the world and is not of the world, thus the world should not waiver his or her ability to believe well and ACT out of our faiths.


For the Bears? Are they satisfied?   Of course not.  No matter how we look at the tipped kick or the loss, that day will be remembered for a long time by fans and player alike. But they are still thirsty, they still hunger for the win….   we should be too.  Hunger for your righteousness and be thirsty for His Will in your life. YOU WILL BE BLESSED.


No matter the outcome, you still need to show up to try and kick.





Author: Brenden Kurtz

Kingdom now. A Life interrupted by the Great I am. Project love unto others, both known and unknown, & to elevate one's attitude and aptitude.

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