The Gospel of the Kingdom

In Matthew 24:14 the apostle describes the end times: “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

What is the “gospel of the kingdom” and what is meant by this reference?  Certainly there are many “kingdom” references in the bible.  Usually this is an easy to understand concept  – a local domain where a power is ruling over a region.  A physical political ownership of a land or location by a ruling power.

But what is the “gospel of the kingdom”?  A number of missiologists got together to discuss this and realized it is the reign of Jesus’ gospel, his good news over all aspects of existence.  When the gospel comes to a region that previously had no gospel an area is completely transformed over time.  People treat each other differently, there is grace, forgiveness, mercy, along with truth.  Economics changes – people share resources, competition for goods goes down as people seek mutual benefits in obtaining and sharing material items.  People take care of the environment, and honor God’s creation.

Emotionally people have hope instead of despair, and no longer live in fear of evil spirits and demons which of course is the spiritually discerned goodness of God manifested in a right focus of worship.  And the list goes on.

If we look at the “gospel of the kingdom” we see good news in every aspect of life.  It is much greater, and has much more depth than just personal salvation.  It is broad and rich, and invades all of existence.

Let’s see the Lord in people and our lives and the world around us more than just salvation.  Let’s see the majestic grandeur of the total greatness and goodness of God as his kingdom infiltrates the whole earth in every dimension.  Amen!


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