Blessed to be a Blessing

We should not get politics and faith mingled together.  This is a slippery slope.

But in this election time a friend of mine recently shared some “food for thought”.  He is a missionary who has served in numerous environments where there is outright persecution and where political abuses of power are the norm and just accepted.

I personally was involved in a staged event by a cruel dictator that resulted in an Embassy from a hated country being bombed and defaced with spray paint.  And when I asked why the people of this country don’t protest and demand a leadership change a local missionary said that the people are: “just happy to get through the day”.  That their history has been so traumatic that they would not want to bring up controversial issues, even if they knew the truth and the lies being perpetrated.

Getting back to my friend – he has a ministry partner that recently came to the US, became a citizen and just this week voted for the first time in his life.  He was overjoyed and came back to their office beaming.  He was celebrating this landmark event in his life.

We are blessed here in the USA and often we take many routine freedoms for granted.  The Lord has established our country with many resources and freedoms.

As believers in this land we have the privilege and the opportunity to act out Genesis 12 where Abraham was blessed to be a blessing to all the nations (people) around him.  He was sent out to a land to bless those he came in contact with and through him all the nations (people) he and his family touched would be blessed.

Let’s thank God for our freedoms and realize the many opportunities we are afforded to freely bless others.  Opportunities that many others don’t have.   Let’s exercise good stewardship of our time, talents, and resources to be the people of God and fulfill the calling to be a blessing to all around us.

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