Two Sides of the Same Coin

A challenging concept was presented at a recent conference on leadership and soul care for young Christian leaders.  The concept is that gifts and sin are two sides of the same coin.

The idea is that, like many things, we as humans have the ability to distort the good things God gives us.  That the very gifts we have received can lead to sin.

First there is the realization that we are all in leadership positions.  That in some sphere we are leading others.  If not in a formalized occupational position it is in the fact that we are being observed by others wherever we go, in our homes, at the store, watching our kids soccer games .  And if we are known as Believers we are ambassadors of our Savior, and thus leading others to Jesus.  Or away from him.

So when we as leaders exercise our gifts, and others follow there is the potential for pride and arrogance and dogma to result which can then lead to sin.  Our realization of being a leader can feed into our pride which puffs us up and leads to a sense of superiority and the possibility of abuse of power.  And the resulting fame or popularity can lead to pride in our status which can lead to entitlement and license to do what we want ignoring or rationalizing any untoward consequences.

The other side of the coin is the realization that our sin can lead us to God and our need for a savior.  This realization leads us to Jesus who in turn reveals our gifts to us and leads us in expressing our gifts in a spirit of humility with grace and mercy and love poured out to others.  Which in turn further opens doors to exercise our realized gifts as a result of the fruit that we bear.  And the result is leading others in areas of our giftings.

Much of this comes down to knowing ourselves and God rightly.  Think of leaders that you admire and those that you do not and think of your leadership in your sphere of influence.  Do you resonate with this idea that gifts and sin are two sides of the same coin?  How does this affect you as a leader?

Let’s self examine ourselves and be aware that we lead wherever we go and be the kind of leaders worth reproducing who point others to Jesus.

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