My will vs God’s Will

My wife and I have been LABORING over a decision that may or may not come! We have been presented with the opportunity of possibly being transferred to Kona, Hawaii! We were actually just in Maui on vacation a couple of weeks ago and were in awe over God’s beauty there. No picture taken could hold a light to the actual beauty there. But, not a day has gone by now for about a month that we haven’t discussed whether we should take this move (if offered … based on seniority, etc). Who wouldn’t want to get paid to move to Hawaii??? Then we think of our kids, the youngest of whom just finished her freshman year in college! The expense of living in Hawaii! All the way down to … what do we do with the dog who is probably too old to make that trip and the subsequent quarantine that Hawaii requires. I have asked many for their prayers and have sought God daily. I go from very excited at the prospect of this to fearful of making “the wrong decision”. There are days I think I have finally decided and then something comes in and sways me the other way. I received the devotion below a couple of days ago. I love how God works through others in times of need. This didn’t give me “the answer”, but helped me get my mind right and turn to the One who has it. I appreciate your intercessory prayers as well!

“Can man compete with God? Or maybe a better question is, ‘Does man try to compete with God?’ We know that to be mature in Christ, is to be close to Him, and to be submitted to His will, and to be cognizant of His presence within us, always.  When that happens, things that become desires of ours, are processed through prayer and even the need for fasting at times. They are processed with the heart that automatically wants to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Now contrast that to the man (or woman) who within their own minds make a decision about what is needed for them in their lives. They offer a prayer of thanks and go about setting it up the way they feel it needs to be set up.  Both sound pretty much Spirit led, but one is led by the flesh, and the other by the Spirit. Often we see it in the results of the choices made by the flesh, the consequences of their decisions.  Whereas the Spirit led person will have the results that God has ordained.  From the outside, it’s hard to see which is which, not that we are even supposed to, but rather this should cause us to reflect on why we do things. Are we moving because we want to, or because God wants us to. I believe He will let us move down a road of our own choosing for the purpose of letting us see what we are getting into, so He then knows, even though He might have wished we would have listened a little better. When Paul and Barnabas were in Antioch on their missionary journey, so many people were intrigued by their words that they wanted to hear from them again. The next Sabbath, the whole town showed up, as Scripture says, but some in the crowd were jealous.  The Jews were the ones that were jealous because many of the town were Gentiles, who gathered to hear the message. They ( the Jews) started to insult Paul and oppose him, not because he didn’t speak the truth, but because their own hearts were sinful and jealous. They may have thought they were doing God a favor, but they were only thinking of themselves. Then Scripture says this: “So the message of the Lord spread through the whole region. But the Jews incited the prominent women, who worshiped God, and the leading men of the city. They stirred up persecution against Paul and Barnabas and expelled them from their district.”  Acts 13:49-50  Men trying to compete with God! By stirring up women who worshiped God, and we think we struggle. But the Word will spread, even though we may think that we are hitting against a brick wall at times, but know this. God’s word will never return void.  When walking in the Spirit, being led by the Spirit, there may be persecution, but nothing will stop the truth of God, from those who surrender their lives for the cause of Christ. Is that you?”

Heavenly Father, Lord, may Your message rule our hearts! May Your will be done in our lives! May we surrender to You each and every moment of every day, and be able to hear the words You speak into our hearts. Lord, give us courage to move as You direct, and not as we desire. May Your desires for us become our desires, and may be bring glory to Your Holy Name – Jesus.

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