Know Yourself – Week 5

This is the final week. Weeks one through four have addressed the critical nature of getting to know the passions and pains of the men you are discipling. But truthfully, you can’t do any discipling unless you have your own priorities in order. That means getting yourself right with God and with your family.

Here are two loaded excerpts from the new book, How to Disciple Men: Short and Sweet:

“When you neglect your spouse and emotionally hurt the one you love, you also cause pain to another love of your life—Jesus. The apostle Peter tells us, ‘You husbands must give honor to your wives. Treat your wife with understanding as you live together. … Treat her as you should so your prayers will not be hindered’ (1 Peter 3:7). It took me back a little at first to think that if I didn’t treat Dottie with honor and understanding, my prayers would be hindered. Suddenly I realized that God wanted Dottie and my family not to come before my ministry, but that they were my primary ministry. Showing love and care to her and the kids became my platform to minister to others. Putting God first was lived out and expressed in loving and attending to my closest neighbor—my wife.” — Josh McDowell

“Perhaps you, as a discipler of men, are failing to be discipled yourself. You spend so much time preparing talks, equipping small-group leaders, organizing outreach events, and meeting one-on-one with men that you fail to nourish your own walk with Christ. What does a discipler-disciple relationship look like? It’s not a friendship. It’s not a teacher-student relationship. It’s not an accountability partner. It’s not just a two-person small group meeting or Bible study. There are elements of all the above. But mostly it’s an intentional commitment to meet for the long haul with a man who will model integrity, ask you the tough questions, listen with discerning ears, and not let you settle for anything less than God’s best.” — Tom Gensler

Reaching men and creating true disciples of Christ is a monumental, frustrating, essential, and rewarding task. Please remember, you’re not alone. Our prayer is that you remain encouraged, equipped, and fully engaged. Your church, your community, and your world are counting on you.

If you disciple men, the National Coalition of Ministries to Men is your tribe. Learn more at For 45 proven strategies from experts on ministry to men check out the book How to Disciple Men: Short and Sweet.

Abba Father … we look to you for all we need as men, husbands and fathers. Show us how to allow ourselves to be discipled … and by whom … as we also seek out those you would have us disciple that we will see You build strong men, families and communities!

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