The King

Embroiled in the NBA playoffs I marvel at LaBron James as “The King”, as he is known,  dominates the best basketball players in the world.  Whether you like him or not one must admit he is an amazing talent.

Recently I was in 1 Samuel 8:6 where a discussion of another king takes place.

Israel wants a king to rule over them “such as all the other nations have”.  Wanting to mimic the nations around them, they wanted an earthly king.  This even though God had freed them from Egypt, provided food and water in the desert, and delivered them into the promised land. Indeed, just before this request was made God had delivered them from the Philistines in a miraculous way.  Incredibly all this was either forgotten or ignored, instead they wanted to be like everyone else with an earthly king.

Feeling rejected Samuel goes to God, but he explains: “it is not you they have rejected, but they have rejected me as their king” (vs 7).  And after a warning as  to what type of leadership they will receive in an earthly king, the people insist on their demands and God gives them what they ask for, saying to Samuel: “Listen to them and give them a king.”

How much is God my king?  How much do I depend on him and trust him, versus others in leadership positions, government services, my own identity I create, and other earthly “kings”.  I wonder.

It is understandable in our humanity to gravitate in trusting in what we see, and what is tangible, what securities we can create for ourselves, after all, God is not necessarily standing right in front of us.  But certainly, he has provided more than enough evidence of his power, majesty, trustworthiness, wisdom, and sovereign plan.  This is a reminder for me today to not depend so much and others and my circumstances, and myself.  To ultimately trust only in God and not reject him as king.

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