Know Their Passion

Week 2:

Last week, we talked about the importance of knowing a man’s name and discipling him one-on-one. Step two invites you to partner in his joys, passions, hobbies, and personal ministry by getting to know his passion.

The following excerpts from How to Disciple Men: Short and Sweet will unpack this principle further.

“Identify your target audience. Be specific. Don’t try to be all things to all people. Men are drawn to activities that have a specific theme or topic such as hunting and fishing, motorcycles, camping, archery, basketball, woodworking, model railroading, and father-and-son events. Stay away from generic events in an attempt to attract everyone under the sun. Consider the unique interests of your community or an unreached target audience. And don’t forget that men love food. To keep guys coming back, don’t skimp on the quality or quantity of food. Become known as the church that has good grub.” —

Jim Grassi

“Recently, I hosted a men’s breakfast at my new church. I sensed these predominantly young twenty-something fathers—college-aged men and millennials—needed an ‘experience.’ We began the morning with bacon and eggs cooked over a campfire on warm tortillas and served as much as they wanted. We set up a .22 caliber gun range and six archery targets. To finish it off, I brought my throwing axes and four-wheelers. These young men came alive. Many had never done these activities before, and those who had loved it as a men’s ministry activity. Of course, we brought a message. But it wasn’t preaching. Remember, men’s events are not Sunday school classes, so please spare them the same old, same old. Get men to give testimonies, share Wild at Heart elements, get real with them. Go real, and you will get allegiance.” — T. J Greaney

First Corinthians 10:31 says, “Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” But don’t stop there. When men attend an event sponsored by a “church,” they expect a spiritual message. So, give it to them! And go deep. Surprise them with truth that hits them right where they are. Let them know that being a man is about facing fears, taking risks, and leading through strength.

Understanding their passions will help you point the men in your community to the ultimate source of strength, hope, and courage.

(From the “How to disciple men: Short and Sweet devotional)

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