Stop Talking and Listen!

I always feel like I need to write some grand opening to a post.  Something to spark interest in the reader.  It hit me today that I am not here to generate interest.  I am here to motivate, encourage and even challenge us all to dig deeper in to our spirituality and relationship with God.  That being said, lets get to the point.  WE TALK TOO MUCH!


That’s right!  We talk way too much, myself included.  We spend so much time talking to God and never stop to truly listen to Him.  We don’t take that time to have true communion.  There is so much noise around us from life that we neglect that time.  We seem to want to figure out how to fit time with Him in to our lives instead of fitting our lives in to our time with Him.  We will surely take time to talk to Him when we need something though.


Even those people who have the most active prayer lives forget to just listen.


“God help me with this…”

“Father get me through that…”

“Lord, where should I go from here?”


One request after another never stopping to listen to His voice and His direction.  Never stopping to hear the solution He has for us.  They say that prayer is how we talk to God and meditation is how we listen to God.  How many of us will sit down and read scripture just to read it?  Do we really meditate on God’s word?  That is one way He speaks to us.  That scripture is a key component in that communication.  We have to slow our minds down and find a time to get rid of the noise of life.  David lays out a plan that he uses to listen to God in Psalm 143:8:


“Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in you I trust.  Make me know the way I should go for to you I life up my soul.” (ESV)


David set aside time in the morning to just listen to God.  To hear God’s direction for his life.  I believe that all of us seek that guidance but most of us fail to truly listen for it.  We just expect a “slap in the face” moment of what to do or where to go.  We ask for the guidance and then go on about our lives because we are just too busy.


I hope that no one is offended by this topic.  This is on my heart because I am in a season of life where I needed a “reboot” (reference the post from Wednesday).  I needed to slow down and hear the solutions God has laid before me.  To see the path that He has cleared for me to travel.  I have spent this last week doing my best to just listen to Him.  Every morning on my drive time to work I have turned on a Christian Meditation music video I have found on YouTube.  It is 3 hours of piano music.  It has helped me clear my mind of all of the outside noise.  Starting my day that way has given me a fresh tank of gas.  It is something I am going to commit to doing for the foreseeable future.  I encourage and challenge all of you to do the same thing.  Maybe you already do.  If that is the case, then continue on and maybe share ways that you just slow your mind down and block out those outside distractions.  As my friend Brendan put it, take some time to just listen and let God tell you about you.  Let him share with you what He created you for.  Let Him share with you that incredible plan He has for your life.

Author: JRogo

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