Focus to Hear, Focus to See

I like to do my own study of scripture.  At the start of this year though, our church started a journey through scripture together.  We are using an app called Read Scripture.  It is set up to be a front to back read of the Bible over the course of the whole year.  What a great journey it has been in the short time we have been doing it.  Never have I seen the book of Genesis through this lens.  This is important to my story, because if it was not for the wisdom given to me over the last couple of weeks I would not have the story and message I am about to share.


I was on the phone with a friend last night.  We could spend hours on the phone just breaking down life and our world view.  We were discussing opportunity and faith.  We were trying to find new ways to keep ourselves motivated and offering suggestions to each other on how to prioritize things in our life.  My friend made a comment that went something like this:


“I have made it a point to make sure my focus is on Christ over the last year.  I believe that because of that He has opened up new doors and presented new opportunities in my life.”


That is excellent, right?!  When he said that it was like a firework show went off in my mind.  The Holy Spirit filled my heart with passion instantly.  Words just started flowing!  This is a summary of what I said:


“If there is one thing I have learned in the last couple of weeks reading in Genesis is that God has an unwavering, unflinching, passionate, and true faithfulness and love to us!  I believe that we humanize God so much that we think that HE decides that HE isn’t going to offer us any opportunity or open doors in our life because our focus is not on him.  That couldn’t be more wrong!  Because of HIS incredible faithfulness and love, that we can not even begin to comprehend, HE is ALWAYS opening doors and presenting opportunities for us.  It is because of our lack of focus on HIM, that we are unable to see and hear those opportunities.  We are too deaf and too blind to realize the work HE is doing because we have taken our focus off HIM!”


You got all that from a couple of weeks spent in Genesis?  YUP!  See, God created all things to be good.  He created us to be good.  In all that glorious creation, WE messed it up.  We took God’s magnificent creation and made it bad.  Despite humanity’s constant screw up and rebellion against HIM he continues to be faithful and loving.  HE opens new doors for them to be good.  HE presents new opportunities to be blessed and flourish.  Humanity, repeatedly, takes their focus off HIM and thus misses out on the continued GOOD work that God is doing for them.  HE wasn’t withholding the goodness of creation at all.  HE was trying to get humanity to take advantage of HIS work!  Humanity likes to think that because of their own actions they can enjoy God’s blessings, but it is because God’s work that we are able to enjoy it!


In HIS foreknowledge HE knew this would happen and made a promise very early in humanity’s existence.  After the serpent had succeeded in its deception, God promised that from the lineage of the woman would come a mysterious victor that would crush the serpents under foot and the serpent would get a fatal strike at the victor’s heal.  Guess who that is?  You better believe it!  JESUS!!  The entire Bible points to Jesus!  If that is the case, then don’t you think humanity’s focus should be on HIM?  Can we now realize that it is our focus on HIM that allows us to enjoy the continued good work HE is doing in our lives?  The continued opening of doors.  The constant presenting of opportunities.


I will be honest.  A fire has been burning in my spirit this last year but, WOO, that flame was the biggest it has ever been last night!  The joy and excitement at the realization that HE has got me and HIS amazingly perfect will in my life is far better than anything I could imagine trying to focus on something other than HIM!

Author: JRogo

Husband, father, blogger, entrepreneur. Adding value to the world through Leadership, Mindset and Health.

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