Constantly Working

There has been a swell of excitement for me the last few days.  So many great things going on in life that are moving our family forward to what we are seeking to accomplish.  I truly thought that there was no way for anything to top the excitement that I had last night.  It only took one phone call to change that.  This phone call made all of the other excitement look like the crowd at Westminster Dog Show.


Earlier this year an old friendship was rekindled through my wife and I’s business.  It was great to catch up with my friend and hear about what has gone on in life.  We hadn’t talked in a decade!  There was a lot to catch up on.  It turned out that he went through a stretch of life that was very self-destructive.  There were drugs.  There was a lot of alcohol.  There were different women.  There were negative people surrounding him, just preying off him.  It was a bad time.  However, he was different when we reconnected!  He was on fire for Christ!


His passion was contagious.  See, at the time I was in a stretch where I was disconnected.  I didn’t have the same passion for Christ that I did in the past.  You think it was a coincidence that we reconnected when we did?  NOPE!  As we continued to hang out over the following weeks, my passion grew again.  God was using my friend to light that fire again!  Since then, that fire has done nothing but grow!


So, what happened to my friend?  Back in July he was doing some things that concerned those of us that were closest to him.  I brought it to his attention.  We had agreed that we would hold each other accountable.  I came to him out of love but the honesty I brought was not easy for him to hear.  He cut me out.  We stopped talking for months.  I got reports on him from others.  I wasn’t asking others, but they knew we had grown close and they felt that I may be able to help him.  He still wouldn’t even answer a text message, let alone a phone call.  What do we do in a situation like that?  We pray!


My prayer life has not always been the best.  I prayed anyway.  It was because of this situation that my prayer life was kicked back in to gear!  God again used him to do a work in me that grew me even closer to Him.  God was working in my friend’s life as well.  Behind the scenes, where no one could see, God was stirring my friend up and tugging on his heart.  Some tough things started happening to him again.  He wasn’t on the same path he once was with drugs and alcohol, but the choices he was making were causing turmoil in his life and relationships.  The relationship with his family was growing tense.  The relationship with his children was becoming rough.  Most importantly, his relationship with Christ seemed to be on the rocks.  God was working anyway!


That phone call I mentioned at the beginning happened last night.  I thought it was strange that my friend was calling me.  I thought he was still frustrated with me.  It turns out that through the turmoil, God was working on his heart.  God was letting him get to a place where the only one left to rely on was Him.  As we talked on the phone my friend began to get emotional.  He just opened up the gates.  He laid out that he had a moment finally where he just cried out, “Jesus, I am broken and I just need you more than I need anything else!”  Boom!  A switch was flipped.  He continued to pray over the last month.  He continued to dive back in to the word like he used to.  He was rambling on joyfully about God like he used to.  Finally, revealed to me that God is calling him to the ministry!  He said he is on a mission now!  A mission that no one will stop him from completing.  A mission that God has put him on and will continue to go ahead of him to accomplish!


I have no other reason for sharing this story than just to remind everyone of the work that God is ALWAYS doing!  No matter what the situation, He is working.  No matter where we are at in our faith, He is working.  No matter who it is, He is working.  I ask you all to pray for my friend and also rejoice in the work that God is doing in his life AND in mine AND in yours!  He is ALWAYS working!!!!!!

Author: JRogo

Husband, father, blogger, entrepreneur. Adding value to the world through Leadership, Mindset and Health.

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