He Wins

God wins

Have you ever inadvertently found out the score of a game you had recorded at home (overheard someone or got an update on your phone)? For me, if it was my team and they won, I can come home and watch the game with no stress. I can just sit back, watch the ups and downs knowing that my team won in the end; unlike when I watch live! Look … I am a Dallas Cowboys fan and lived through the ‘80s … you would think I would be OK with it by now!!! Not so much. I actually broke my bed when a young Tony Romo fumbled the field goal snap, but I digress and that is a much longer therapy session!

If I can be so assured over a football game that has no value beyond the hours spent watching it, why can’t I (we) be equally assured about our lives here on earth knowing that our heavenly Father is GOD and owns it all (Ps. 50:9-12) and WANTS to bless and prosper his children (Jer 29:11).

The following is from a Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) devotional:

At age two, Craig MacFarlane was blinded in a tragic accident. He turned his defeat into victory by becoming a world-class athlete who won over 100 gold medals in sports such as wrestling, track and field, downhill skiing, and even shot a 91 in golf! Craig can’t see, but he has a powerful vision that fuels his drive to overcome.

Even though we can’t see or predict the future, we need to face tomorrow with confidence, because God will take care of us and give us a hope. The key is to have a God vision not just a good vision. A God vision is seeing what’s on God’s heart and placing onto our heart. A God vision is a drive and passion that it is birthed deep in our souls and changes the way we live and compete. When we have a God vision, we can Rise Up Tomorrow.

If you want to Rise Up Tomorrow, answer these three questions:

  1. Is your God vision too small?
    If your vision doesn’t terrify you, then it is too small. A God vision should be so huge that you are bound to fail unless God steps in. (Another way I have heard this said is, “If your ‘WHY’ doesn’t make you cry … it isn’t big enough!”)
  2. Is your God vision too narrow?
    If your vision doesn’t include others, then it is too narrow. A God vision has to include others like friends and teammates.
  3. Is your God vision just a daydream?
    If your vision doesn’t get accomplished, then it is just a daydream. A God vision always gets done.

Not only does God want to bless us as noted, He has provided us with a manual to guide us in His Word! Amos 3:7 says, “Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.” Through reading His Word, listening to his word preached and actively seeking His will and way for your life, God has provided us a way to live that allows us to know the “score” before the game is over! One of my favorite things to say when someone wants to argue or question the need to follow Christ is, “I’ve read the book. He wins in the end!” Certainly not that we would ever become complacent because God has each of us here as one part of the whole body; a specific calling for our lives and specific people He wants us to reach! But that we can rest assured that if we ASK, He will answer … if we SEEK, He will be found … and if we KNOCK, He will open!

Father, thank you for the assurances you provide that we don’t have to worry or wonder from whence our help comes because it ALWAYS comes from you! You are an amazing, loving, righteous God above whom is NO ONE or NO THING!!!

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