Get Your Mind Right

Brothers … I believe the Lord is trying to get something through to us. I wrote this post on Monday or Tuesday in preparation for today and before the brother posted yesterday! Maybe this is solely for me, but this is what was on my heart for today!

Growing up in the military, being military myself and in my employment since then, there have always been opportunities to  get my mind right … or at least in line with whomever is requesting this action! Getting your mind right during boot camp starts on Day 1 with a very delicate and relaxing visit to the “hair salon”! The guidance from Day 1 until you graduate is designed to align your thinking with that of your chosen military branch. In the months leading up to my son’s departure to USMC boot camp, he would have occasion to test the limits or give his mom a little grief or do something that would boggle my mind. My almost daily response to this was, “The Marine’s will fix that!” and they did!!! To be honest, I couldn’t be more proud of him! Semper Fi, Son!

In other employment since then, I have had the opportunity to go to jail. Thankfully, it was dropping someone off! During these occasional visits, I became familiar with a “tool” they have in jails. I am sure it has a very technical and official name, but I just called it the “Get Right Chair”! If someone decides they do not want to go along with the program, their behavior is modified with the assistance of this chair in which they are strapped down and immobilized! It gets your mind right so you can rejoin the rest of the society there.

Lately and seemingly regularly, I have felt the Lord encouraging me to “Get my mind right”! Thankfully, His doesn’t require me to shave my head (although being follically challenged I do anyway)! As I have written in previous blogs, one of my biggest faults is negative self-talk and it’s something the Lord is still working on with me. Although, at times I feel that I have made strides in the right direction, there are days I completely lose it. Probably because I am too old, but God doesn’t threaten me with “The Marine’s will fix that!” … but, instead says, “My Holy Spirit can fix that!”. I came across the below guide and wanted to share it here. I did not write this and I can’t give credit to whomever did, but I have begun to take each line and write out the scripture verse below it to help reinforce focusing on what God has to say and not what I have told myself over and over for years.

Father, help us see others and ourselves as You see us and not believe the lies we have been told and that the enemy wants to continue to throw in our faces. Thank you for being a good, good Father!!!

You say - God says

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