Eye in the Sky

Apologies for the late post…  While reflecting this afternoon, my message came to me..   This is an add to Justin’s post from yesterday…

The Eye in the Sky..

This morning Sam and I made the trip to pick up his new firearm. As the afternoon came about we planned out our trip to a local 604 Acre Public Hunting ground. Being the yankees, we are, it has taken some time for us to “Catch Up” to all of the rules and regulations of the Texas Wildlife and Recreation Rules, but  I’m thankful through the help of others and online, we are learning quickly.  In Texas, with a Type II annual permit added to my hunting license, I am granted the right to hike & hunt specific game at specific seasons on specific PUBLIC land owned by the State. Fortunately for us, 2 of the public land plots are very close to our house in Celina. We hopped in the car with the maps and 20 minutes due north later we arrived at plot #1 and pulled the car into the grass of the gravel road.

As we loaded our ammo, packed the headphones, and grabbed the pocket knives, I noticed the sign stating the “rules” of the area and made quick to read through. Sam and I finished and as we got to walking through the plot, a helicopter buzzed past the sky above and flew on out of sight. With the car locked up we headed out down the trail and took a few plink shots here and there as we walked. This was our first experience carrying guns DURING hunting season on a hunting property and to be honest I felt a combination of incredible freedom, incredible obligation, and incredible hesitation at the same time. We burned through some ammo, saw some beautiful views, and headed back toward the car to check out the other plot #2. As we pulled out, the same helicopter rounded above us connecting for the second time with our line of vision.

5-6 minutes later we found the other plot of approx. 500 acres and parked the car again and took to the foot hike. This plot was MUCH less over grown with thorns and thistles and made for easy walking and eventually led us to a water hole amidst a hilly meadow of  mesquite, cactus, and grasshoppers buzzing around everywhere.  Sam and I continued to unload rounds into the water, earth, and a few tree stumps as the rules stated no “target” practice. Had I known that before we arrived at plot number one, I would have re-thought the afternoon plans, so instead of target practice we simply walked and aimed at dead targets, hoping it was ok with the state. To be out there, the two of us with the sun shining and not a soul around was truly refreshing. As we hiked back to the car, (about an hour or so had passed) we started up the A/C and brushed off the burrs and double checked each other for bugs/ticks. I had about 9 rounds left in my magazine, so as we were about to close the day, Sam mentioned I might just enjoy firing off my remaining rounds. I walked to the back of the car, turned towards the dirt 15 feet away, and bam, bam, bam. I cleared the chamber, discharged the clip, and threw the .45 into the case in the trunk and shut the hood. As i looked up there he was again. Same Helicopter, a bit closer, watching my moves, and then off headed to the south…

As I got in the car Sam asked me again if I saw the chopper and I answered in affirmative. Dad, “Would that be a game warden?” .. Duh, of course. And so carried on our conversation on the 20 minute ride home of the review of the rules and regs and what we may have or have not done properly on our first visit. We didn’t really share any fear of shame or guilt, just healthy discussion on the “do’s and the don’ts” and how much fun we had as well.

Look, I don’t know who was in the chopper. I couldn’t see his face. I couldn’t even make out the decals on the side with the searing sun in the sky. But i know this… it was the same one all three visits, and they could see us and KNEW where we were.  Tonight, I think about the Father and His vision, outlook, perspective, and eye in the sky. This is not to leap any theological hurdle by any means, and I KNOW God can see everything and everyone all the time… but the chopper…   They were FAR MORE aware of us than we were of them … because of perspective… they had the vantage point of the land…. they probably had WAY MORE in their perspective than simply Sam and I this afternoon… Like God does….    But He is watching… despite being with us one on one, in body and in room, presence of all kinds, this helicopter just made me ponder how the Father truly is the Shepard, the Protector, The EYE in the SKY.

Sam and I had to make the choices to abide by the state’s regulations. We could have crossed the lines or dismissed the law… but we didn’t know on occasion this afternoon that chopper was even up there.. whether blocked by the trees, or couldn’t hear from the headphones, whatever,  every so often, peek – a – boo, there he was.

How much more is God watching friend? How often does that thought in our mind say just this once, or I can have this right quick without harm to anyone…    I don’t know that answer for you… but I know there is God our Father that has His eyes on us and cares to see us well. He cannot look at us and relate to us in our uncleanliness… thank you to Jesus that He does not have to … we are seen by Him as He sees Christ.  So remember He is there, remember He is here now. Right here reading the message with you, right here ready to speak to you and listen to you and BE YOUR SHEPARD.

Father, help us to be Christ-like even when there is no one around. Especially when there is no one around. Help up to understand that YOU do not see things wrong with us but you only see us in Christ and want what is MISSING in our lives to be filled. Thank you for always being here with us and yet having the perspective of the greater picture. Father, we need your protection and guidance and will not walk without you. 

Mr. Game Warden, we are learning, thank you for protecting the land and the law.


Author: Brenden Kurtz

Kingdom now. A Life interrupted by the Great I am. Project love unto others, both known and unknown, & to elevate one's attitude and aptitude. www.barnabasman.com

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