Regard No One

From 2 Corinthians: 16-21

Honestly, do we realize that we are ambassadors for Christ to all who are around us each day.  At work, the check-out stand in the market, in the mall, or at the airport waiting for a delayed flight.  Christ is actively making his appeal to them through us.  At every moment of their observation or interaction with us he is reconciling them to himself, he is making his appeal through us.   As those who are reconciled he has given us the ministry of reconciliation.

“Wow, not so sure I am up to that assignment” is my response, prompting me to ask exactly how am I to do this?

One way is to regard no one from a worldly point of view.  To not see people as the world sees them.  To see them as individuals who God created and glorified himself in, who he knew before time began and who he died for and loves.  It’s easy to see myself in these terms – but not so easy to see others on local highway at 5:30 pm this way.

Our natural tendency is to be natural, reactionary, human.  But to be in Christ is to be other worldly and to see people as prized individuals, as children of the King. I would like to strive to do this more.  “Lord help me to have this perspective” I pray.

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