The Source of Life

In the first portion of Jeremiah 2 Israel’s devotion, holiness and status as a “first fruit of the harvest” is recalled.  Then God asks, what happened?  He asks this because Israel “forsake” God.  They turned away from God, they abandoned God, they left God behind and “exchanged their Glory for worthless idols” (vs 11).

In verse 13 God describes himself as: “the spring of living water”.  Think of this, a spring freely gushes out water on it’s own power, water just flows out, a spring just produces water from it’s abundance allowing water to make itself available.  This is God.  He is a spring that provides living, life producing water.

In verse 13 Israel is described as digging its own cistern, a broken cistern that cannot hold water.  Israel doesn’t rely on the free life giving, freely flowing water, it tries to dig it’s own way to statically store water.  Just hold it.  And since these cisterns are broken they don’t work. They can’t store the water.

What is your cistern?  What is your sin? What is your idol?  What is your false way to live that you have constructed that is in actuality broken and not providing the life you are seeking?

Let’s remember who God is, what he provides, and run to tap into the abundant spring of living water. Let’s stop digging our own broken ways to try and hold on to, or structure our lives and instead rush to the freely flowing active living water spring.

Let’s surrender ourselves, and seek and receive God, the always available life giver.







































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