Blessed when you confess!

There have been numerous times when I have sinned and I keep it to myself.  No one was overtly hurt, no one knows, it was just a “minor” sin and the world has gone on with no ill effects.  But is this really true?  First of all sins are a direct affront to God – see Psalm 51:4.  And James 2:10 states stumbling on one point breaks the whole law.  Do we really understand the ugly nature and depth of our sins?

In addition to these points Psalm 32 has a lot to say about how our sins negatively affect us on a personal level.  When we keep silent about our sin our bones “waste away”  (verse 3) and we lose the blessing of God that we receive when God forgives us (verse 2).  And the oppressive heaviness of our sins drain us of strength like the heat of summer (verse 4).  Isn’t this true?  As un-confessed sins mount the weight and burden accumulates.  This can lead to guilt, a reduction of self worth, and detrimental physical manifestations.

But look what happens when we go to God and come out of hiding and confess (verse 5).  We are blessed and our sins are covered (verse 1).   We are forgiven and our guilt is lifted (verse 5).  We can find God (verse 6).  We open the door and God himself steps in and protects us (verse 7).  He leads us back to a right path and watches over us (verse 8).  And he loves us – unfailingly loves us (verse 10).  Who would not want the items on this list?

And instead of wasting away and being drained we can be glad and rejoice in the Lord. And we can sing and we are stood upright (verse 11).  The effects of our sins are lifted with confession to God.

So confess your sin, and do not hide it.  It is said that: “hiding sin protects it”.  And this can open you up to further damage.  Instead allow God to forgive you, restore you, free you, love you, direct you and in response you will rejoice and sing!

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