Job knew it.

Job 37:5 – God thunders wondrously with his voice; he does great things that we cannot comprehend.

Over the last week I have been witnessed to a few amazing situations. I call them amazing but I feel they are multi-characteristic in their form. As I thought of how GREAT the Lord is this morning, I came across this verse in Job and I just meditated on it’s words. “God THUNDERS WONDROUSLY” and He “does GREAT things that we cannot comprehend.” 

Admittedly, I may be one in the crowd that attempts to “comprehend” God.  Through experience and trials I believe we all come to this point at some time that says, “oh, Lord, I see now, I get the whole picture.” But really do we? Despite all the crap Job went through, for NO REASON mind you, he saw and knew God’s greatness as well.

On Thursday I stopped at the Barbershop and enjoyed my cut. As Owen, my barber, and I discussed the Cubs progress, I overheard the other men discussing the story of a Vietnam Veteran that was waiting in line for his cut. The veteran has suffered PTSD for years since the war in Nam and this other barber has given him a great resting place at the Barber shop a few days a week as he would tell tales and smoke Winstons’ through out the day.  My cut was finished and as I paid Owen I asked if I could pay for the veteran’s haircut as well. Owen described they always provided the man free cuts thanks to his service, thus there was nothing for me to pay. I finished and walked over to shake the man’s hand and thank him for his service and he responded with a loving Hug.

You see, not only was greatness present in the Barber shop that day but it was evident among the individuals as well. God has done something to men when He created them in His own image that is simply “un-comprehendable”.  It is Greatness.

The Vet – Greatness in serving

The other Barber – Greatness in providing

There was another moment last week when we had a mishap with a vehicle driving on the highway. To shorten the story, one of our trucks, pulling a large pumping trailer, experienced a blow out causing the trailer to swerve out of control. The trailer swerved into another lane, collided into a semi and flipped over remaining connected to our truck. No other vehicles were hit and there were ZERO injuries. Additionally, the right hand shoulder of the road was a VERY steep mountain side drop off with little room for cushion. Greatness, in the steering wheel, the physics, the other driver, in the air? Crashes like this rarely happen without major issues across the lanes… Greatness was present..

Now there are others i planned to describe but the presence of His GREATNESS is my point. God’s voices Himself through wondrous thunder and we cannot comprehend Him. We can know Him, but comprehension is impossible with our finite minds. I encourage you to look around this week. Stop looking at the bad or mediocre and start finding the GREATNESS of the King. He is waiting to show you.

Father, I pray for the Barnabas Men to see your Greatness and embrace it. Daily.

Author: Brenden Kurtz

Kingdom now. A Life interrupted by the Great I am. Project love unto others, both known and unknown, & to elevate one's attitude and aptitude.

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