Humanity of Jesus

Have you ever struggled with the concept of Jesus being fully human and fully God?  Admittedly I have had these moments.

Recently reading Luke 4 it hit me that the Devil tempted what was potentially the “weakest link” in the trinity – the human – Jesus.  The Devil didn’t go after the Father nor did he go after the Holy Spirit, he chose to attack the human portion of the trinity, that had the potential to fall.

Of course, there are numerous places in scripture where Jesus shows he is human.  Among some are 1 John 1 where it is written he shared life with people, he was born (Lk2) he grew (Lk2), he got tired (Jn4), thirsty (Jn 19), hungry (Mt4), died (Lk23), had a body after resurrection (Lk24).  There are many other examples of Jesus’ humanity in the gospels.

But for me this was one less obvious indirect piece of evidence.   The Deceiver the cunning roaring lion that prowls around looking for someone to devour (1 Pt 5) went after the human.  But was unsuccessful!

This is encouraging to me in that as a human, I can relate better to Jesus who is more similar to me in form and substance.  He knows pain, suffering, abandonment, the human condition.  He is not distanced from me.  I can relate to him and can be more intimate with him in my times of need for a savior who is acquainted with sin.

Though human, he never sinned, fully obeyed, and of course died and rose from the dead and being perfect and powerful is the only one who can save me from myself.

Thank you Jesus – for your loving humanity, tenderness, example, power, truth and perfect sacrifice.

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