That’s Radical!

I am going to keep this short and to the point on this Friday.  Before I get started though I want to take the time to say that my family and I are praying for those in Houston as they continue their recovery after Hurricane Harvey.  We are also praying for those in South Florida who are about to be hammered by Hurricane Irma.  I have family in south Florida.  It is where I was raised.  I lived in Homestead, FL when Hurricane Andrew came through in 1992.  Irma hits me a little deeper because of my roots and my family there so also pray for me.  That being said…


Who is eternity with God for?  Eternity with God is not a place for those scared of hell.  It is a place for those who love God.


With religion, there is no need to take risks.  Maybe go on a mission trip once in your lifetime.  But, generally speaking , its just “do the right thing.”  Religion is very practical.  It makes sense.  There are no surprises.  Five steps to salvation.  Church the same time every week.  Religion doesn’t ask much from you.  It doesn’t deliver much either.


I want more than practical.  I want more that just makes sense.  I like surprises!  So what about Jesus?  If Jesus had a middle name it would be “Unpredictable.”  Jesus kept everyone on their toes.  He ate with tax collectors.  He scolded the religious people.  He interceded on behalf of prostitutes.  He claimed to be…(wait for it)…GOD!  And ultimately God died on a cross!  For me!  For you!  Now that’s radical!



That is what I want!  That is who eternity is for!  The unpredictable, surprising, shocking, and most importantly, Jesus loving people!


No quoted verses today.  No in depth study of anything.  Just encouragement to go out and be surprising.  Be shocking.  Be unpredictable.  In other words, be as much like Jesus as you can!

Author: JRogo

Husband, father, blogger, entrepreneur. Adding value to the world through Leadership, Mindset and Health.

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