Good morning Men!!! This is from a devotional called, “10 Habits of Intimacy with God”.  Growing up in the military, being in the military myself and then in law enforcement, I “get” the God of truth part! I can follow orders! I can obey and/or enforce the law! I am a checklist kind of guy! But the “Grace” part … I am not very good at giving or receiving. 

I have been a Christian for over 30 years, so I have a head-knowledge of Grace. I can quote you some scriptures regarding God’s grace being sufficient for you (2Cor. 12:9), but I struggle with having a heart knowledge/understanding of it. 

“He is the God of all Grace. He is both the God of Truth and God of Grace. Choose to embrace Him in both of these attributes in your life situations. As the God of Grace, He accepts, loves, and values you unconditionally because of the work of Jesus at the cross. You are loved, always acceptable, and worthy to be loved and accepted by the God of all Grace, only because of Jesus and His blood sacrifice. There is no work you need to do to get His love or acceptance. When He says He loves you it is because of His grace through the blood of Jesus. Nothing is required from you for Him to love you every day, eternally. It is absolutely imperative you sit in your “sit place with God,” to breathe in and believe in this truth until it is secure in your heart. This is grace!
There is a second grace: you need the grace of God to live your life. It is only with the help of the grace of God that you can live your life: loved, forgiven, accepted, and loving and forgiving others. From this position of His loving you unconditionally—no work from you needed—it is His desire that you love yourself, live truthfully free, and love others with the same love He shows you. God offers His all-sufficient grace, trusting that you will join your will with His grace and experience His love and acceptance, and then do what He speaks to your heart and mind that will set you free and love others deeply from the heart. Live loved! Love freely!

First, practice from your “sit place with God,” meditating on “He loves me.” Listen to what you see in images, what you feel, what it looks like, breathing in and believing in “He loves me.” Do this as often as you can. Second, consider which of the 4 P’s (performing, pleasing, perfecting, and pretending) block you in believing and receiving “He loves me” unconditionally. Third, choose to embrace His grace and your will and do one thing that He is speaking to your heart right now. For example, call a friend, replace a lie with truth, exercise, or forgive.

Abba Father, thank you that you love  us so much that you guve is both truth and grace! I pray you help us truly understand … have a heart knowledge of your amazing grace! 

One thought on “Grace”

  1. That constant work of remembrance and application… I identify. … and practice in the apply… thank you for sharing in a common struggle…. ❤


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