Just Let Go

When I was asked to contribute to Barnabas Man I was incredibly excited.  I won’t go in to a long back story but basically, I have been posting on Facebook every morning for a while now in hopes of inspiring someone whether I knew I had or not.  I have hoped to give a different outlook on life and a mindset that could inspire someone to be more than they believe they ever could be.

The excitement wore off as it got closer for me to make my first contribution.  It turned in to nervousness and fear.  The “what if” questions that seem to infiltrate our minds on a regular basis crept in.

“What if the readers don’t like it?”

“What if I write something boring?”

“What if my grammar is horrible?”

“What if I don’t inspire like the others on Barnabas Man?”

Once one “what if” appears, then the flood gates open and a whole slew of fears and doubts begin to enter our minds.

Typically, I speak from the heart and just post something right away and never put a lot of thought in to it.  It’s as if the words flow straight from my heart to my thumbs (Yes, I post from my phone most of the time).  Mostly it comes from my morning meditation and Bible time.  That meditation and the word of God always inspire me and place a subject on my heart to write about.  But this time I felt I needed to have something phenomenal to write about.  It had to be my best thoughts yet.  I had to sit and “study up” on topics and write down ideas in my notebook.  The harder I tried to come up with something phenomenal to write about the more blank my mind was and the more doubt I had.

Wednesday night I was reading “The Principle Circle” by Jamie Gilbert and it was like God smacked me in the face with wisdom and knowledge.  I had to JUST LET GO!  I had to get back to my normal process and principles.  I had to stop trying to change what I was doing.  I had to surrender the results.  I had to let God take control of my heart and my thoughts.

Sure, this seems like a miniscule situation to bring to God but there is nothing too small for God.  But there is also nothing too big for God.  I must surrender the results of more than just what I am going to write about on Fridays.  I need to surrender the results of my life and just live by the principles that I know are right.

Our lives are bigger than a blog post.  Why don’t we surrender those results and bring our biggest problems to God?  Jamie mentioned something that his mentor Mark Batterson says, “More hurt is done to people and God’s kingdom because we reduce the size of our God to the size of our biggest problems.”

How do we get away from that mindset?  I am glad you asked.  JUST LET GO!  Being truthful and honest with ourselves, and not trying to force God’s hand to match our agenda.  To follow Christ means that we surrender the results.  It means that we do not have to have it all figured out.  We just need to follow Him.

Jamie Gilbert goes on in his book to say, “…we might not always know God’s agenda, but we know His will: that we walk in Christ-likeness.”

I challenge you today to go out and surrender the results, stick to the principles and conviction God has placed on your heart, walk in Christ-likeness, and JUST…LET…GO!

Author: JRogo

Husband, father, blogger, entrepreneur. Adding value to the world through Leadership, Mindset and Health.

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